Why Kubernetes is a Considerable Step Forward in Software Products Development?

Just a bit some-more than 5 years ago Docker, a containerization project, was launched. The developers happily changed their applications regulating on a VM to Docker containers and felt happier even notwithstanding a bugs they ran into. However, a year after Kubernetes was combined and became a key partial of the enclosure revolution. It grounded on the 15 years of Google knowledge and was crafted by Google consultant team. It made not usually a app growth easier, though offers some-more coherence and opportunities for scaling to the projects.

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In fact, containers revolutionized a courtesy of software solutions development. At present some-more than half of the projects, that Stfalcon group started in 2019 is indeed app growth with Kubernetes. Today we spoke a bit with Yevhen Hurynovych — a DevOps group lead. He helped us to find out a hint of the platform, who needs Kubernetes, in which projects it works best and finally because Kubernetes at all. Read on to know more.

What is Kubernetes, also referred to as Kube or k8s?

It’s a special open source system, that helps in automation of container-based apps’ administration, deployment, networking, scaling, and accessibility by enclosure orchestration.

To put it simply — it sets containers, that consecrate an app into judicious units to make their administration and find easy. So the app is developed together with a handling sourroundings it needs and a height keeps it up, running, updated and discerning to respond to the user demands. The applications, that spin «unhealthy», can be automatically marinated and no manual work or developer’s courtesy required. Kubernetes does a work itself and distributes a workloads to make certain all runs as the user envisioned.

Why does Kubernetes symbol a substantial step brazen for DevOps community?

Nowadays developers have to write a program solutions that run opposite plural environments, open clouds, virtualized private clouds, and dedicated on-prem servers included.

With Kubernetes infrastructure is not locked-in due to more core capabilities supposing for containers and no constraints imposed. An amalgamation of features within a Kube platform, with Pods and Services included, has done it possible.

Modern applications are reliant on a particular operational sourroundings in some respects, like opening issues related to the design of the network, faithfulness to cloud constructs, and dependencies on a specific storage complement of the back-end.

In other words, a present apps count on various variables, that consecrate their operational environment. When a problem sets in in the environment, a app opening suffers or it fails. It’s a challenge to find and repair all those bugs even when we understanding with several variables.

Docker seemed to cope with a problem, though it only worked for a single machine. However, complicated projects need some-more resources, machines, scaling, and updating.

With large projects, it becomes a great problem at times, though Kubernetes adaptation now handles it with ease. It checks a viability of each member of the operational sourroundings and creates a required updates, whenever it’s necessary.

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More than that, a modular proceed facilitates some-more quick development. The teams, that are smaller, nonetheless some-more focused take responsibilities for certain containers and work on them. It also creates probable a dependencies isolating and some-more endless use of well-tuned, teenager components. Additionally, it eliminates a enticement to stuff too many facilities into a single container.

Thus services can be shaped for discoverability, observability, and bucket balancing but difficulty. Kubernetes creates scaling of any plan easy and hassle-free.

What are a Kubernetes advantages?

The initial and a inaugural advantage of the Kubernetes as an external use is that it DevOps-friendly. It definitely speeds up the processes of software creation, exam performance, and product releases. Thus it has a time-saving advantage for IT specialists. It’s now many easier to manage a chronicle control and app lifecycle by a altogether infrastructure.

Besides, Kube helped to put some-more importance on how a products are deployed, scaled and brought up-to-date.

At present deploying a new chronicle can be arranged concurrently with a preceding version. Scaling up the new deployment can also be realized at the same time with scaling down a before deployment.

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Why is Kubernetes improved than normal PaaS?

The K8s does not put restrictions for a app forms upheld so providing far-reaching opportunities for a purpose. It does not umpire a frameworks, upheld languages, or distinguishes between «services» and «applications». If a solution can work in a container, it will many expected work good on Kube.

Another advantage of K8s is getting a many out of hardware. Now a applications, that use minimal resources can be crammed together on the same hardware. Those, that need to stretch out can be put on the systems where they will have space to develop. Besides, it’s probable to automate a updates rolling out opposite a cluster, or back if updates break.

Kubernetes allows gripping plural clusters synchronized opposite several clouds and regions. Thus an app deployment can be kept solid flanked by multiple clusters. The clusters in their spin can discharge a use find in such a way that one can entrance a back-end apparatus from any Kubernetes cluster.

What are a business advantages of Kubernetes?

We’d contend that all mentioned above is even some-more critical for business regulating than for program product development.

Any program resolution combined today should

  • be expelled fast,
  • demonstrate viability and
  • be prepared for scaling.

These are a factors critical for any business. As a business owners and client, we always wish to receive your product fast and Kube allows saving time on development. With a possibilities for programmed recovering and updates, we also acquire a product viable on the market. Moreover, due to the possibilities of Kubernetes architecture, a scaling of the product is possible any time.


Kubernetes growth sourroundings is now intensely renouned due to its novelty, architecture, and a huge open source community it has.

About author

Yvhen Hurynovych, DevOps Team Lead.

Zhenya is reponsible for server pattern and automation of infrastruction configuration. He is gifted in formulating horizontally scalable and fail-safe systems. Knows Puppet, Docker, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.



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