What to Consider Before Investing in a Projection Mapping System?

Have we envisioned formulating a fantastic arrangement for audiences or customers, though suspicion it was too cost-prohibitive? You can now go over elementary to daunt your audiences with video, animation, and 3-dimensional displays that were once a domain of vast corporations. Projection mapping offers an choice to a same aged thing when it comes to entertainment, education, and advertising.

This modernized process of raised images onto a operation of surfaces creates attention-grabbing visuals in stores, theaters, and even onto buildings. They were once indifferent for large bill affairs, though now these bright, high-quality video displays are accessible for probably any business or venue.

Projection mapping installation. Image credit: PublicDomainPictures around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)Projection mapping installation. Image credit: PublicDomainPictures around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Projection mapping installation. Image credit: PublicDomainPictures around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Advances in record have put projection mapping within strech of organizations of all sizes. How cost-effective is it? Many of these models can be purchased during affordable prices including this list of units underneath a $200 dollar cost range. It’s a projector tuber record that has finished what was once utterly costly tech to be comparatively affordable.

However affordable projection mapping has become, we should still delicately cruise your options when selecting a projection system. In an bid to assistance a readers differentiate by a confusion and get a contribution they need to make sensitive decisions, here are some things to cruise before shopping a projection mapping system.

What to Look for in a Projection Mapping System

We’ve divided this overview into dual sections, a mandate for a venue you’ll be regulating and a specifications of several projection systems. The space where you’ll use a projection mapping projector many will surprise what form of projector will work best for your purposes. Specifics about a projector itself will finish a design so that we can select a device that’s right for you.

Lighting Conditions during Your Location

The volume of ambient lighting has a approach temperament on scarcely each aspect of projector selection. It affects a peculiarity of your images and is a final cause in a fortitude and resplendence you’ll need. You’ll have to take into care healthy and synthetic light sources and how many of possibly will be directly reflecting on a shade or other projection surface.

You can customarily control how many light is benefaction in an indoor venue, though what about astronomical bodies, streets lights, and vehicles if you’re formulation an outside exhibition? Plan for choice venues or other measures if there’s a possibility that this will be a problem.

Image Size and Throw Ratio

This is one area where a elementary regulation will tell we all we need to know. The stretch of a projector from a projection aspect will impact clarity and design size. You can figure out how distant out you’ll need to set adult your projector by final a chuck ratio. This is finished by dividing a design breadth by a stretch from a projector to a shade or other surface; it’s routinely between 0.03 and 12.

For example, if your design breadth is 12 feet and a allotted space to set adult a projector is 15 feet away, you’ll need to find a projector with a chuck ratio of about 0.8.

Projection mapping-based art. Image credit: PTeknik around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)Projection mapping-based art. Image credit: PTeknik around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Projection mapping-based art. Image credit: PTeknik around Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Your Screen or Projection Area

For best results, we should select a concordant fabric or shade aspect to plan your design toward. Shiny materials will lift a volume or reflection, and dim or energetic materials like cloth will crush a image. For best results, select a comparatively unbending or bound aspect with a light-colored, matte finish.

Projector Specs and Other Considerations

Now, we come down to a projector specifications you’ll need for your projection mapping display. These specs will also be energetic by a factors surrounding your arrangement venue and functions as good as a volume of income you’ll need to deposit in a projection system.

For example, if you’re customarily going to horde brief presentations during an indoor venue like a classroom or discussion room, we can select something with a reduce chuck ratio and resolution. If you’re going to be raised images onto a skyscraper or an outside shade in a open square, you’ll need a aloft resolution, luminosity, and contrariety ratio.

Image Resolution

The design fortitude is a series of pixels benefaction in a given space. Run of a indent video noticed on a mechanism or other device is customarily 720p. High-definition (HD) cinema are during slightest 1,280 x 720 pixels per block in. or more. The aloft a resolution, a crook a design quality.


We’ve all had a knowledge of examination a film in a museum and carrying a lights come adult or people entrance in and out of a museum to revisit a benefaction mount of bathroom. For a second, a design on a shade is confused by a beyond bulbs or a light entrance in from a lobby. Lumens are a volume of light issued by a projector. The tenure was creatively formed on how distant divided we can see a volume of light constructed by a singular candle in feet, that is energetic as 16 feet. Therefore, a candle is energetic to evacuate 16 lumens; A customary 100W illuminated tuber emits 1,600.

The series of lumens in a projector determines a liughtness of a projected image, and it’s one of a many critical considerations in projection mapping. In a dim venue, we can get divided with a reduce number, though even a dimensions of 20,000 lumens isn’t adequate to make a projection mapped arrangement ocular outdoor during midday. The incomparable a design or serve divided from a screen, a some-more lumens you’ll need to make it watchable.

Contrast Ratio

The contrariety is a volume of light and dim in a projected image. No projector can imitate a ideal black, though a contrariety ratio can make darker colors seem black in propinquity a volume of lighter colors present. The contrariety also has an outcome on a luminosity, and it is influenced by a volume of ambient light benefaction in a arrangement area.

Contrast is presented as a ratio of light to dark, such as 1,000:1. The aloft a number, a larger a contrast. If there is a lot of ambient light present, you’ll need a projector with a top probable contrariety ratio.

Equipment Life Expectancy

If you’re going to squeeze apparatus rather than leasing, we wish to it last. Projectors come in dual categorical varieties, laser projection systems and LED projectors. In general, LED projectors are weaker on other factors like resplendence and contrariety ratio, though they have a many longer lifespan than normal lamps. The approaching life of an LED tuber in a projector is adult to 20,000 hours. Laser projectors have a identical lifespan as LED projectors, though a many larger luminosity. Consider resplendence of some-more than 6,000 contra reduction than 3,000 for LED.

Final Thoughts

If a design is value a thousands words, how many to we consider energetic 3D images will lift your profile? Following a above discipline will concede your association or classification to kick-off any eventuality with a dash of color, sight, and sound but violation your budget. The ROI will concede we to replenish your initial investment in no time.


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