Track and Locate What Matters Most with SmartThings Tracker

GPS-enabled Tracker Connected around Nationwide LTE-M Networks.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. — Sep 10, 2018 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., currently announced a new SmartThings Tracker, a small, lightweight GPS tracking device connected by an LTE-M[1] network that can simply be trustworthy to backpacks, a set of keys, pet collars and more. Now, people can fast and some-more accurately keep lane of their many valued items.

With SmartThings Tracker, it’s easier to locate a gym bag or trek mislaid during school, a laptop box left in a airfield lounge, or a pet that competence have wandered too distant from home. Items can be simply tracked in genuine time by Samsung’s Android and iOS concordant SmartThings app[2]. Family members can also use SmartThings Tracker to stay connected by promulgation a plcae presentation to a SmartThings app that alerts a rest of a family of their whereabouts. And, given it is SmartThings-enabled, SmartThings Tracker can be used as an attainment sensor, triggering automations like a connected porch light branch on when a device is within range.

“When it comes to connected living, we wish to give people some-more suggestive practice that request to their bland life,” said SK Kim, Senior Director, IoT Product Marketing during Samsung Electronics America. “By mixing a coverage of national conduit networks with a expansiveness of a SmartThings ecosystem, we’re assisting families keep lane of what matters many to them while also stability to make it easy to control and conduct their intelligent home, all in one device.”

SmartThings Tracker Features

  • Track in some-more places with LTE-M – LTE-M network record provides a larger operation of vigilance coverage over Bluetooth, permitting for improved tracking correctness when a SmartThings Tracker is indoors or next travel level. Now, people can lane and send plcae updates from some-more places.[3]
  • Real-time plcae updates – Family members can share plcae updates by simply pulling a SmartThings Tracker’s energy symbol twice that sends a presentation to a SmartThings app. The warning can usually be seen by users with common access. They can also check on an item’s locale by regulating a Live Tracking underline in a SmartThings app to get minute-by-minute plcae tracking for adult to 10 minutes.
  • Use a SmartThings app for some-more than tracking – When a geo-fenced section is set adult in a app, SmartThings users will get an warning when a tracker enters or exits a zone, such as a pet withdrawal a backyard. The SmartThings Tracker can also act as a vicinity sensor to trigger intelligent home automations, like lights branch on when someone gets tighten to home or a thermostat branch down when a automobile pulls out of a driveway. It is concordant with hundreds of Works With SmartThings devices, including intelligent lights, thermostats, confidence cameras and more.
  • Designed for sleet or gleam – Ideal for both indoor and outside use, a SmartThings Tracker is designed for durability, with an IP68 water-resistance rating. The battery can also final adult to a week on a singular charge[4], depending on usage.

SmartThings Tracker LTE-M Carriers Availability

SmartThings Tracker will be accessible by ATT on Sep 14 and will be accessible by Verizon after this year.

“We lead bustling lives. The SmartThings Tracker will assistance we save time acid for equipment that aren’t always where we consider we left them,” pronounced Chris Penrose, President of IoT during ATT. “Using a national LTE-M network gives we a ability to lane and locate your inclination only about anywhere. And as a tellurian personality in Internet of Things solutions, we’re unapproachable to be a initial conduit to offer a SmartThings Tracker in a U.S.”

SmartThings Tracker retails for $99 with ATT use enclosed for a initial 12 months during no additional charge. After a initial 12 months pricing for ATT use is $5 a month or $50 per year[5]. It is accessible starting Sep 14 on, name ATT stores and other vital retailers nationwide.

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[1] LTE-M is also famous as LTE CAT-M, CAT-M or CAT-M1.
[2] Compatible with smartphones that support Android 5.0 and up; iPhone 6 and adult with iOS 11 or later.
[3] LTE-M leverages existent conduit LTE RAN infrastructures and protected spectrums to broach larger indoor and subterranean coverage as good as extended device battery life during reduce cost.
[4] Battery life is formed on Samsung inner contrast and might change formed on factors such as device settings, use patterns and handling conditions.
[5] Plus germane taxes and fees.

Source: Samsung Newsroom


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