Seismic Powered Clothing versed with electromechanical muscles

powered clothing

New smart clothing is now underneath growth by Seismic, a Menlo Park, CA-based startup, who is equipping garments with robotics and sensor record to emanate a new marketplace called Powered Clothing. As a name suggests a integrated robotics capacitate wearers to accept assisted assistance when compulsory interjection to a integrated electromechanical muscles within a clothing.

“The Powered Clothing integrates watchful robotics, designed to assistance we pierce improved by operative in partnership with your physique to give we strength, stability, and power. The wardrobe is designed to assistance people with daily activities like, station up, carrying and lifting items, fluctuating standing, sitting down, walking and more.”

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a lightweight breathable attire that is now underneath development. Unfortunately no information on pricing or accessibility has been expelled as nonetheless by Seismic, who also has nonetheless to yield video footage of their new Powered Clothing in action. As shortly as some-more details, demonstrations are expelled we will keep we adult to speed as always.

“We have strategically followed opposite marketplace verticals with poignant partners that share the prophesy for impacting peculiarity of life in their particular areas by Powered Clothing,” Seismic CEO and owner Rich Mahoney said. “I’m anxious to open the programmable height to the partners and raise Powered Clothing’s application in new ways to grasp rare formula in industries over personal wellness like occupational safety, wellness and lifestyle, and healthcare.”

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