New PicoBrew homebrewing kits introduced from $20

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Craft drink drinkers meddlesome in brewing their really possess varieties during home, might be meddlesome in a PicoBrew’s new home brewing kits providing all a grains and hops we need to use with your PicoBrew desktop brewing system. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about what we can pattern from a PicoPaks pattern to be used with a Pico C, Pico Pro and Pico S home brewing machines.

If we already possess a PicoBrew desktop brewing complement a new kits are accessible from $20 for a Pico C and $40 for a Pico Pro and Pico S Brewers. PicoBrew Has also done accessible a set of BrewBags (1 pellet bag and 4 hop/adjunct bags) for $15.99, and a 3-pack of coffee bags are accessible alone for $8.99.

“Fully-harness a precision and control of your Pico and use your possess mixture with Beer and Coffee BrewBags. This set includes one pellet bag, 4 hop/adjunct bags, and 3 12 oz.-capacity Coffee bags. Bags are reusable and done from healthy string or nylon.”

“The Pico C UnPak’d Bundle allows we to use your possess grains, hops, and other mixture to decoction creatively crafted beer. You can now entirely strap a pointing and control of a Pico C to emanate your possess customised recipes. The Pico C UnPak’d Bundle includes a Pico C apparatus with brewing keg, portion keg, reusable pellet and hops drink bags, and reusable bags for brewing cold decoction coffee.”

For some-more sum on any of a new qualification drink brewing kits burst over to a PicoBrew website.

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