nABC sidechain compressor

sidechain compressor

If we are in a marketplace of a sidechain compressor that can be triggered by audio, analog gate/CV, MIDI, USB and even a pedal. The new nABC compressor designed and combined by Stefano Sorrentino competence be value some-more investigation. The nABC has been privately designed to make sidechain application easier, flexible and intuitive. Launched around Kickstarter this week a compressor is accessible from £250 to beta testers with shipping approaching to take place during Aug 2019.

“The nABC is a stereo analog sidechain compressor where application can be parallel triggered in opposite ways. It can be used as a normal studio-quality energetic compressor, to figure transients for any audio track. But a genuine creation is that a sidechain can be triggered by analog gate/cv signals, USB, MIDI, audio signals, or even a pedal. For example, musicians can finally openly module analog sidechain application patterns regulating sequencers, MIDI controllers or DAW, while during a same time being means to adjust a figure of any application transitory with millisecond-level precision.”

“In further to different ducking effects, a nABC allows for instance to away figure a pouch of any note of an arpeggio, or to emanate energetic gate-like effects on a pad or a outspoken track. When estimate drums, any strike might be dense with particular settings. Compression is no longer a pointed sound operative tool, though rather a artistic arms that shapes a sound and forms a character. “

Source: Kickstarter

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