Magnetips captivating jelly pens

Typica has returned to Kickstarter this week to launch a new Magnetips captivating jelly pens, providing an choice to a strange fine-tip pens launched by Kickstarter behind in 2016. Using a same singular captivating pattern as a originals though now replacing a excellent tip refills with jelly pens. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a singular pens that can be also used with or with ballbearings to emanate a far-reaching accumulation of conflicting shapes.

Magnetic jelly pens

“Each coop in a sets will attract one another, permitting we to pull in new and artistic ways, and when not used for essay and caricature they will totally renovate a approach we use pens and a demeanour of your desktop. In any pen, we are regulating dual super clever Axially Magnetised Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets – one of a strongest and many permanent forms in existence. The magnet in a coop lid and a magnet in a coop physique are bound in conflicting polarities. This ensures a lid will always be captivated to a coop body.“

Magnetips captivating jelly pens

Early bird pledges are accessible from £24 for a full set of 20 pens with worldwide shipping approaching to take place during Oct 2019. The ascent from fine-tip refills to jelly pens is substantially a good pierce as a strange excellent tip refills had a bent to dry out flattering quickly. Luckily backers of a initial plan can now obtain jelly refills for a strange pens during a 50% discount. Original backers wishing to do this should record into Kickstarter and revisit a debate by following a couple next and make a oath but a prerogative for £8 for any set of jelly coop refills they would like.

Jump over to a central Kickstarter crowdfunding debate page by following a couple next for a finish list of all accessible oath options and extras.

Source: Kickstarter

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