How to Check If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address?


You might have listened how extraordinary VPNs are during providing extraordinary collection and services. Many VPN services explain that they offer bullet-proof confidence to their users. While some VPN services do offer extraordinary confidence in a form of online encryption, Internet Kill Switch, and so many extraordinary features, there still sojourn a few problems that can be damaging for your online privacy.

What if we tell we that notwithstanding all a best confidence facilities during your disposal, your ISP and a internet as a whole can still locate your tangible online temperament and review by your browsing story since of a teenager flaw? This smirch is referred to as IPv6 leak. And nonetheless it is a teenager flaw, it can display your finish online temperament on a web even when we are connected to a VPN.

You can run an IPv6 Leak Test yourself if we wish to exam either your VPN is leaking your online temperament on a web.

Is your VPN leaking your online identity?

Your VPN might offer a best confidence underline set on a web, though that doesn’t meant that it is entirely secured. Most VPN services indeed have leaks dark inside them that can display your online temperament on a web. Though these leaks are minor, they can still do a lot some-more mistreat than we think.

One form of trickle is referred to as IPv6 leak. But what is an IPv6 leak? More on this below.

What is an IPv6 Leak?

IPv6 is a latest iteration of IP addresses. Moving on from a normal IPv4, IPv6 can indeed be used on some-more series of inclination compared to a predecessor. If you’re regulating a new intelligent device afterwards there is a high possibility that your device also employs IPv6 instead of IPv4.

The IPv6 format has differences when compared to IPv4. The IPv4 has 3 digits followed by a dot that is steady until a quad-digit is formed. An IPv4 residence might demeanour like IPv6 is totally opposite in comparison. It consists of 8 numbered strings, with any containing adult to 4 characters that are alphanumeric in nature. These addresses are distant by a colon and it can support adult to 128-bit addresses. With IPv6, we get entrance to 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 IP addresses for use.

Why do we need IPv6 Leak protection?

There are some ISPs and servers that support IPv6 addresses. However, a infancy of websites haven’t changed on to a new residence as of yet, and can still usually support IPv4. This creates a problem that can destroy your online anonymity even when we are connected to a VPN.

For instance, your ISP might allot both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses if it supports IPv6. However, if we wish to revisit, or any other website that usually supports IPv4, afterwards this might emanate trouble. This is since a ask that we will send will enclose both your IPv4 and IPv6 address.

It doesn’t matter if we are regulating a VPN use or not. Your device would still send IPv6 residence even when we are connected to a VPN and this would trickle your tangible online temperament on a web.

Fortunately, there is a approach to equivocate this problem with a VPN service. It depends on a VPN use that we are regulating since there are some VPN services such as PureVPN that can put a stop to all kinds of IPv6 leaks. It does that by restraint all of your IPv6 traffic, creation certain that your genuine temperament always stays hidden.

How to repair IPv6 leak?

IPv6 trickle can turn a threat for your online remoteness and anonymity. It can exhibit your online temperament and we won’t even know about it. Imagine surfing a web, meditative all a while that you’re totally unknown even when you’re not.

To safeguard that we sojourn protected from a threat called IPv6 leak, we need to switch to a VPN that offers disdainful IPv6 trickle protection. One extraordinary VPN use that offers only that is PureVPN. The use keeps we protected from all kinds of online spies and trackers. To strengthen we from IPv6 leaks, PureVPN blocks all IPv6 communications from your device. This ensures that we sojourn unknown on a web during all times.

PureVPN is deliberate as a many secure VPN provider on a web. With PureVPN, we can safeguard reserve from all kinds of online leaks that embody WebRTC Leak, DNS Leak, and IPv6 Leaks.

PureVPN is a arguable VPN provider. The VPN use has been on a map for over 12 years. It provides entrance to 2,000+ servers in 180 cities. With PureVPN, we get to safeguard your confidence on a web with a assistance of extraordinary facilities that embody military-grade 256-bit encryption. You can download PureVPN on any device. The use can be found on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

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