FYTA Beam smart plant sensor

smart plant sensor

Beam has been created to provide plants with a smart assistant enabling them to communicate exactly what their requirements are thanks to the smartphone companion application. The FYTA Beam brings plant care to the “next level and gives your plant a voice” say it’s creators. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about Beam and its features.

“How often do you stand in front of the dried-up remains of your plants and wonder what went wrong? Too much water? Too little? Boozy nights have them frazzled? Just like us humans, plants are living and sentient beings. It can be hard to understand exactly what they need and to decrypt all those silent messages they send us. The key to helping our plants survive and thrive without speaking the same language? It’s all about finding smarter, deeper ways to connect. This is why we developed the FYTA Beam. The FYTA Beam is a small sensor that connects your plants with your smartphone so you know when they need more water, fertilizer, or a different ambience. “

Early bird pledges are available from €30 or roughly £27 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during December 2019. The FYTA Beam measures critical factors for a plant’s wellbeing, including

– soil moisture
– nutrition levels
– light intensity and
– temperature.

This is what makes our FYTA Beam different from other plant sensors:

– Discrete: The FYTA Beam is small and has a reflective glass casing. It almost disappears in your planter.
– Eco-friendly: It’s powered by a built-in solar cell that extends the life of the CR battery every day. All components are detachable so they can be recycled separately.
– Accurate: It measures voltage across the entire length of its stainless-steel probes. This way it collects more data and calculates highly reliable values.
– Adjustable: Have large plants? No problem. The probes are detachable and will be available in different lengths.
– Customizable: Fancy a different feel? There will be different casing colors and designs available soon.
– Good value: Did you know that many of our houseplants could easily outlast us if they received proper care? The FYTA Beam probably costs as little as your phone case – and is packed with really smart technology that will make your plants last longer.

Source: Kickstarter

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