Dervish Wyrm EDC slot knife

Dervish Wyrm EDC slot knife

If we are acid for a new EDC slot blade we competence be meddlesome in a new blade design combined by John Gonzalez holding a form of a Dervish Wyrm, described by a makers as a “little blade with a vast attitude”. Launched around Kickstarter this month a tiny blade has already lifted some-more than $23,000 interjection to over 130 backers. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a construction and singular design.

Dervish Wyrm EDC slot knife

John explains a tiny some-more about a impulse behind a Dervish Wyrm. “Over a years, my Silverfish line of mini-knives has been really renouned with both collectors and a EDC (Every Day Carry) crowd; though while they excelled during conceal-ability and minimalism, a handles were a tiny tiny for critical use. This reduction lead me to pattern a Wyrm. The initial handmade antecedent got a lot of courtesy on amicable media and a blade forums so we knew we had to try it further. “

“The slight altogether bend of a pattern isn’t only attractive, it mimics a figure of a inside of your palm and provides a tranquil and gentle grip. The really pointy 1 5/8″ blade is vast adequate for many slicing tasks, from pealing apples to slicing open boxes; from heightening pastels to cleaning trout. It’s a ultimate EDC apparatus for both civic and farming environments, and a blade length is authorised in areas where many other knives aren’t (please know your possess internal laws).”

For full specifications and a finish list of all accessible oath options revisit a central Kickstarter plan page by following a couple below. If all goes good worldwide shipping is approaching to embark someday around Sep 2019.

Source: Kickstarter

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