Cosmo Wireless Helmet Brake Light (video)

Cosmo Wireless Helmet Brake Light

Cosmo is a new wirelessly connected stop light that can be trustworthy to a behind of your motorcycle helmet to yield additional presentation to those around we that we are breaking.

Watch a proof video subsequent to learn some-more about a Cosmo connected behind stop light that is both detachable and comes finish with a possess messenger focus for iOS and android platforms.
The innovative braking complement for motorcycles is looking to lift €50,000 over a subsequent 60 days on Kickstarter and is accessible to behind with earlybird pledges starting from only €99.

The growth group formed in Paris explain some-more about a impulse behind a Cosmo wirelessly connected violation light.

The Cosmo Connected intelligent helmet appendage is a initial wearable stop light connected to a mobile application. The Cosmo shines splendid red when riders decelerate and allows riders to be some-more manifest in all continue conditions. For a initial time, a smartphone focus grants motorcycles a same puncture roadside assistance as a eCall (Emergency Call) does for cars (i.e. “OnStar” in a USA). The App is designed to warning an puncture call core in a eventuality of an collision signaled by a device, promulgation a rider’s GPS coordinates and medical information to a nearest rescue team.

The Cosmo is a behind stop light with a neat pattern that shines splendid red to prove a deceleration of a motorcycle driver. Cosmo Connected aims during apropos a categorical fan of motorcycle riders by optimizing their personal reserve interjection to an innovative and law connected device. The Cosmo App ensures that rescue arrives during a stage in a timely demeanour in box of an accident.

When a device detects a driver’s fall, it warns a app interjection to a Bluetooth® tie and automatically alerts an puncture roadside assistance height that will try to strech a driver. If he doesn’t not answer, a operator calls rescue within 3 mins and sends initial responders the GPS coordinates and medical form of a driver. It also alerts designated friends and family by email or sms.

Source: Kickstarter

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