Companion puncture presence kit

Survival kit

RINO Ready has combined a new personal puncture presence container aptly named a Companion. Designed to keep to people postulated and alive during a initial 72 hours of any puncture a compress presence container is variable and prepared when we need it most. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a “world’s many modernized dual chairman 72 hour emergency presence system. Fusing unmatched organization, quality, and discerning entrance – built to withstand whatever life throws your way.”

Survival kit

Companion as this week launched around Kickstarter and already lifted a compulsory oath doorway to over 100 backers with still 34 days remaining on a campaign. Pledges start from $149 or roughly £117 and worldwide smoothness is approaching to embark someday around Jun 2019.

“Emergency kits and bug-out-bags aren’t new…we get it. That’s a problem. So, we fused a believe from initial responders, survivalists and designers to rise The Companion. A product built to save lives. Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes are apropos some-more visit and heated year after year. Combined with flourishing overpopulation and old-fashioned infrastructure, such disasters will usually grow in magnitude.”

Jump over to a debate page next a sum on any member enclosed in a presence container that includes goggles, facemarks, blankets, raincoats, tent, food, water, glow starting equipment, blade and more. If we would cite to build your really possess tailor-made presence container and squeeze a full container with container and pouches all empty.

Source: Kickstarter

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