Apple AirPods 2 entrance in 2019

Apple AirPods 2 entrance in 2019

We have been hearing rumors about a new Apple AirPods 2 for a while now, apparently they will be rising in early 2019.

The news comes from reputable Apple researcher Ming Chi Kuo, who has suggested that a AirPods 2 will come early subsequent year and will underline wireless charging.

The pattern of a AirPods is not approaching to change, this will occur a following year in 2020 when an all new indication of a AirPods is revealed.

We charge AirPods’ thespian expansion (14–16mn, 26–28mn, 50–55mn, 70–80mn and 100–110mn units in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively) to 1) a upgraded indication with wireless charging support to advantage shipments to launch in 1Q19, 2) a all-new pattern indication to boost deputy direct to launch in 1Q20, 3) an innovative user experience, and 4) high formation with iOS and Mac products. In summary, AirPods is Apple’s many renouned appendage ever, and it now has a best expansion movement among Apple products.

As nonetheless there are no sum on accurately when a Apple AirPods 2 will launch, we think it will be some time in a initial entertain of 2019.

Source MacRumors

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