Amazon trainer Jeff Bezos accuses a National Enquirer of Blackmail

Jeff Bezos

Amazon trainer Jeff Bezos has been in a news a lot recently after he announced that him and his mother were removing a divorce.

Mr Bezos has now indicted a National Enquirer of perplexing to extort him in an essay that was published in Medium.

After it was announced that Mr Bezos and his mother were removing a divorce, a National Enquirer published and essay about him carrying an extramarital affair, a essay enclosed some private messages.

Mr Bezos has now pronounced that a National Enquirer also has a series of photos of him and that they wanted him to make a ‘false open statement’ or they would tell a photos. He has posted a emails that he perceived from a counsel that apparently represents a National Enquirer.

If this turns out to be loyal afterwards a National Enquirer could be in large difficulty and it will be engaging to see what happens.

Source Medium, BBC

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