Rubedos introduces 3D visible notice complement for drudge applications

New VIPER complement equips robots with eyes and brain.

Addressing a technological needs for subsequent era industrial and use robots, Rubedos currently introduced a new 3D visible notice complement VIPER. Powerful and lightweight, a bolt-on and easy to confederate VIPER complement enables intelligent automation with a turn-key set of hardware and embedded computing.

This complement can be practical to a far-reaching operation of use cases to supply industrial and use robotics with visible perception. Its stereo prophesy complement with dual 3.4 MP low light cameras invariably measures sourroundings abyss in 3D with a abyss support rate adult to 40 fps over operation distances adult to 50 meters. All intent showing and sequence tasks are achieved on-board with a embedded NVIDIA Jetson TX2 computing section regulating algorithms privately designed by Rubedos. By this, VIPER offloads low- and high-level picture estimate to a on-board processor, renting a robot’s categorical computing resources for drudge navigation.

New Rubedos 3D visible notice complement VIPER. Image credit: Rubedos

“In a intelligent factories of a nearby future, intelligent robots will leave their reserve cages. However, a miss of visible notice still is a sandbag of intelligent automation as these subsequent era robots count on a ability to acquire, organize, and appreciate surrounding visible data,” says Rubedos Co-Founder Linas Vaitulevičius. “Our VIPER complement achieves this by invariably measuring sourroundings abyss in 3D and industry-specific intent showing and classification.”

Compact and light weight system

With a low appetite consumption, a compress pattern of 246 x 98 x 35 mm and a light weight of 0.8 kg a VIPER complement is quite suitable for smaller robotic systems. It is auto-calibrated, IP65 accession stable and physically connected to a drudge with customary ¼” – 20 UNC, M4 mounting. Communication is upheld around Ethernet during 1 Gb/s.

Perception Apps

Rubedos designed a VIPER complement extensible with a set of accelerated ‘perception apps’ built on tip of NVIDIA Jetpack SDK. These focus turn program modules residence customary bureau building tasks such as barrier detection, a follow-me function, a reserve volume ensure to detect trespassing attempts, an intent marker tool; and 3D prophesy formed coexisting localization and mapping. “On tip of that, we rise notice apps blending to tailor-made applications,“ adds Linas Vaitulevičius. “Overall, a new VIPER complement provides high-density, low-power, long-range visible abyss clarity as good as visible notice in an on-board package. All these facilities make VIPER a loyal value tender for integrators and prophesy guided complement manufacturers.”

Since 2014 Lithuania-based Rubedos has focused a RD on growth of 3D visible notice systems for robotics. Prior to that, a association has successfully grown a robotic growth targeting resolution for an picture guided deviation therapy that upheld a high hurdles of a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Source: Press recover from Rubedos


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