Next era of rovers comes to Poland

Almost 400 engineers from 5 continents will come to Poland in Sep to take partial in a grand final of a general rovers foe ERC. The contest will be complemented by a mentoring and business discussion where member of general space agencies and Space 4.0. attention will accommodate to share their believe and speak about destiny projects. As in 4 prior editions, detached from watching a teams’ struggles, visitors can also design a Science and Technological Show Zone full of educational experiments, lectures and workshops both for younger and comparison enthusiasts of science.

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The grand final of a fifth book of ERC will take place on 13-15 Sep 2019 during a really heart of Poland. There are 40 teams from 15 countries that have competent for a final stage. They represent, among others, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Poland, Turkey, India, USA and Australia. A full list of participants can be found below.

For a European Rover Challenge there will be a Martian margin combined during a Kielce University of Technology campus. With a shape, colour and geological combination it will embrace a aspect of a Red Planet. It is this march where a contestants will compete in 4 margin categories formed on a discipline for destiny space explorations combined by NASA and ESA. The teams’ pursuit is to denote skills of a drudge they have worked on for past twelve months and a remote navigation – says Robert Lubanski, President of Mars Society Polska, a co-organiser of ERC. He adds: Field tasks are open to a open that can observe a teams’ onslaught from roughly each side this year.

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The whole eventuality is open and giveaway for all visitors. In a Science and Technological Show Zone there will be several dozen tents filled with attractions watchful for enthusiasts of space, robotics and scholarship during any age. These attractions embody systematic experiments, drudge construction workshops, hologram simulations and bolide rides. Visitors will also have a possibility to see presentations of inclination combined by companies from a space section that are used during ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA space missions.

Apart from a general Mars robots foe and a Show Zone for a public, a programme of a fifth book of ERC will also embody a mentoring and business conference. Recognisability of a foe and recognition of a grant to staff training and record growth for a space attention is augmenting with each edition. We have motionless to use this flourishing seductiveness in ERC from a space section and ready a section where a worlds of scholarship and business can speak about common projects, share their believe and believe as good as find intensity employees or contractors – explains Lucas Wilczynski, CEO of Planet Partners and owner and categorical organiser of ERC. Rich programme of a discussion will be carried out during a initial dual days of a competition. Among a speakers we will have arch engineers of a ExoMars goal from a European Space Agency as good as member of general space agencies and largest companies handling in a European space attention such as Airbus, GMV and Sener – adds Lucas Wilczynski. Detailed information about thematic areas, dates and registration will be accessible from mid-July on

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The general Mars rovers foe ERC, also attracts obvious popularisers of scholarship and space from broad-reaching Internet and amicable media channels. This year they will be benefaction as good conducting interviews with special guest and run online streaming as good as a explanation studio.

The fifth book of a European Rover Challenge will take place in Poland on 13-15 Sep during a Kielce University of Technology. Admission is free.

The European Rover Challenge 2019 is co-organised by a European Space Foundation, Starachowice Special Economic Zone, Mars Society Polska, Swietokrzyskie Voivodship authorities and Kielce University of Technology in partnership with a City of Kielce and a Kozminski University – co-organiser of a mentoring and business conference.

The eventuality will be organized underneath a titular clientele of a European Commission, European Space Agency, Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland that co-funds a event, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland, Polish Space Agency and Polish Space Industry Association. Up-to-date information about a eventuality can be found on

A full list of teams competent for ERC 2019:

Image credit: ERC

Image credit: ERC


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