Samsung will betray a Galaxy S10 Feb 20 in San Francisco

CES has never been most of a mobile uncover for Samsung — not with Mobile World Congress a small over a month away. But a association did use a large height this week to announce a proclamation of a subsequent flagship smartphone.

Turns out Samsung’s not phenomenon a Galaxy S10 in Barcelona, either. In fact, a handset will indeed make a entrance a week before Barcelona’s large mobile uncover during a standalone Unpacked eventuality in San Francisco. So thanks, Samsung, for those additional visit navigator miles.

We’ve already held a few glimpses of a handset around a series of leaks, as has turn a bit of a tradition for a company. But this gives us another month and a half or so to see a rest of what a reward handset has to offer.

Most particularly so distant is a company’s preference to abandon a notch, in preference of a camera cutout pattern Huawei’s helped pioneer. Also reportedly on daub for a handset is a ability to wirelessly assign concordant inclination on contact. 

As a entice notes, this is a 10th anniversary of a Galaxy line. Between that and a company’s insistence on holding a standalone eventuality this time out, it seems expected that we’ll be saying some-more than only a S10. Perhaps we’ll get some-more discernment into a stirring foldable handset and some some-more news on a 5G front.

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