OnePlus, EE and Qualcomm starts a competition for 5G apps

Today during MWC Barcelona OnePlus CEO Pete Lau unveiled an initiative to coax apps for 5G networks. The timing is right, too. With 5G rising around a universe this year, carriers, phone makers and consumers comparison have nonetheless to rise a torpedo app for a large boost of speed supposing by 5G. Basically, OnePlus is seeking for assistance building uses for 5G.

OnePlus sees a lacking of imagination around 5G in a prolonged term. Speaking on a panel, CEO Pete Lau settled he does not trust people have suspicion adequate about how 5G can change lives in a prolonged term.

This competition will name 20 finalists, who will get OnePlus devices. The winners will get a outing to OnePlus HQ and entrance to 5G contrast labs, and support from Oneplus and EE.

Such competition were common around a launch of 4G as mobile device makers were attempting to accelerate app marketplaces. But 5G apps, could demeanour most opposite from 4G apps as most of a estimate is offloaded to a executive information core instead of function on a device.

The guarantee of 5G is scarcely here, though it will take initiatives and programs like this one from OnePlus to assistance make a possibilities transparent to consumers.

Earlier this week OnePlus, along with scarcely each other mobile phone maker, unveiled a 5G device.