Laundry startup FlyCleaners confirms vital layoffs

FlyCleaners, a New York startup charity on-demand washing pickup and delivery, has laid off “a vast number” of a employees, co-founder and CEO David Salama told TechCrunch.

This confirms a story progressing this week in Crain’s New York stating that FlyCleaners filed a presentation with a Department of Labor surveying skeleton to tighten a Long Island City plant and lay off 116 employees.

As Salama explained when we profiled him several years ago, FlyCleaners business can use a mobile app whenever they wish someone to collect adult their washing — a startup handles pickup and return, while a tangible cleaning is rubbed by inner businesses.

In an email about a layoffs, Salama told me that a association (which raised a $2 million round led by Zelkova Ventures behind in 2013) combined a possess group for pickup and smoothness since “when we started FlyCleaners 6 years ago, a last-mile logistics attention was simply not where we indispensable it to be in sequence to effectively use a customers.” More recently, however, a association has been contrast partnerships with other logistics companies as a approach to “supplement” a possess team.

“Recently, it became transparent to us that a cost of a inner group was only too vast to bear and it was starting to bushel a ability to govern strategically and to means and grow a business,” Salama continued. “And so, that [led] to a unpleasant preference to lay off a vast series of employees and to ensue as a some-more asset-light organization.”

He added, “We don’t expect that this change will materially diminution a use we offer a customers. If anything, by partnering with larger-scale logistics providers, a use should be some-more fit and volatile than it now is.”

But if partners are doing pickups, smoothness and a laundry, what does FlyCleaners move to a table? When we asked what a association will concentration on relocating forward, Salama said, “I cite to be watchful about it[,] though I’m gentle observant that a devise is to precedence a record to emanate a best patron knowledge possible.”

He also pronounced that a startup is operative with a logistics partners to find new positions for laid-off employees.

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