HQ Trivia nabs Target to unite diversion with biggest ever singular leader esteem of $100K

HQ Trivia is aiming to attract some-more players following a slight decrease in downloads with a new, vast prize. The association announced currently it has bagged Target to unite to unite a special Emmy-themed diversion featuring a biggest-ever singular leader esteem of $100,000. The diversion will atmosphere on Monday, Sep 17 during 9 PM ET, though will be played in a opposite conform than usual.

Typically, HQ Trivia players contest to win or separate a money prize, that mostly doesn’t volume to most some-more than adequate for a crater of coffee. But this time around, HQ Trivia will run in a “one leader takes all” format, definition usually one particular will acquire a loot from a game.

Instead of a normal 12-question turn with 10 second to answer, a diversion will continue until usually one leader remains. Players can still use their additional lives, though usually until doubt series 15. After that, they won’t work.

The game’s calm will be Emmy Awards-themed, featuring questions about shows, actors, a Emmy telecast, and other chronological facts.

Target is stepping adult as a game’s unite for this winner-takes-all miracle game. The diversion itself will also be branded, though a accurate inlet of a artistic is something Target is gripping underneath wraps for a time being as it’s a initial for a retailer.

HQ Trivia has worked with a series of other big-name brands in a past by a game, including Warner Bros, Nike, MillerCoors, National Geographic, Chase, Viacom, and NBCUniversal.

The news of a miracle diversion comes during a time when HQ Trivia’s downloads have been trending somewhat downwards. As TechCrunch’s Josh Constine reported final month for a app’s Apple TV launch, a iOS chronicle of HQ Trivia had depressed from being a No. 1 U.S. trivia diversion to No. 10, and a No. 44 diversion to No. 196.

Today, it’s a No. 135 diversion and No. 467 Overall app.

According to information from Sensor Tower, a app has 12.8 million downloads opposite platforms, a infancy of that (11M) were this year.

HQ Trivia claims a app continues to have a “largest live assembly on mobile daily.”

The company responded at a time that games are a “hits business” and “don’t grow exponentially forever.” Rus Yusupov, CEO of HQ Trivia primogenitor association Intermedia Labs, also remarkable that HQ was operative on new diversion formats as a result.

Despite a variable inlet of mobile gamers, HQ Trivia has spawned a series of clones and other live games, including Fox’s FN Genius, ProveIt, FameGame, Gravy, MajorityRules, Cash Show, and many others. Even Facebook held onto a trend, launching a possess gameshows platform to support interactive video.

However, it stays to be seen if live game-playing is a durability seductiveness for mobile gamers, or only a peep in a pan.