Apple announces iOS 13 with dim mode, updated Apple apps and remoteness features

Apple common some of a new facilities that you’ll get with a recover of iOS 13 this fall. There are a ton of tiny and large underline updates, and it felt like Apple executives were rushing by a display since there are so many things to announce.

“iOS 13 is a outrageous recover packaged with lots of capabilities,” VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said. But Federighi immediately started with opening improvements.

For instance, Face ID is 30 percent faster. Downloads and updates on a App Store are a lot smaller. Updates are 60 percent smaller on normal since your iPhone won’t download a full app each time we get an update. And apps should launch twice as fast.

Dark mode and low-level improvements

Many apps have already adopted dim mode. But Apple is adding system-wide dim mode for iOS 13. With a elementary symbol in Control Center, you’ll be means to switch from a light interface to a dim interface. Native apps, such as Music, Messages and Calendar have all been updated to support dim mode.

Notifications and widgets demeanour darker. When we open an app, Apple is regulating a plain black background, that should demeanour good on an OLED shade as it won’t evacuate any light.

The local keyboard now supports typing by swiping from one minute to another. The share piece has been redesigned with intelligent suggestions formed on your many critical contacts. In a Music app, we can now see scrolling lyrics.

Apple apps get updated

When it comes to first-party apps, Safari has options to change content sizing and settings per website. Mail gets abounding content editing. Notes gets a gallery perspective and folders.

Reminders has been totally redesigned. There’s a new discerning form bar to supplement a task. You can score tasks next bigger tasks. You can also add-on people — they accept a presentation in iMessage.

Apple’s Meg Frost also showed a new chronicle of Apple Maps. In serve to softened information in some tools of a U.S., there’s a underline that works only like Google Street View called Look Around. Moving from one plcae to another in Look Around is impossibly smooth.

There are some-more updates to Apple Maps, such as a ability to share your ETA with friends, collections of favorite places, a ability to share lists with friends, etc.

Apple will map a U.S. with a possess information by a finish of 2019, other countries will be upgraded later.

Privacy, privacy, privacy

Apple is updating plcae tracking in apps. You can share your plcae with an app only once. Third-party developers shortly won’t be means to share sum about your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth signal, that should put an finish to many remoteness scandals.

Apple is also going to contest with “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in with Google” by introducing “Sign in with Apple.” This way, we can emanate an comment but pity personal information. You can even share a incidentally generated email residence that relays emails to your genuine email address.

HomeKit is also apropos some-more private. With HomeKit Secure Video, we can store adult to 10 days of confidence camera footage in your iCloud account. Apple doesn’t have a keys, and footage doesn’t count opposite your storage. Logitech, Netatmo and others will support that feature.

In sequence to make HomeKit inclination some-more secure, Apple is bringing HomeKit to routers so that connected inclination don’t always have to speak to a internet directly.

iMessage gets some-more personal

iMessage still feels like an softened chronicle of SMS. Apple is going to make it some-more like WhatsApp. With iOS 13, you’ll be means to supplement a form design and share it with your contacts, and you’ll get to control who can see your form picture.

Apple is regulating this event to urge Memoji with some-more customization options. And a association is going one step serve by duplicating Bitmoji and formulating stickers with your Memoji.


On a print front, Apple is adding a new mural lighting outcome — and mural lighting will turn some-more customizable. The camera app is removing some-more pro facilities with buttons to control saturation, highlights, shadows, etc. All of this will be accessible for videos, as well. And Instagram users will adore that you’ll be means to stagger videos.

When it comes to your print library, iOS automatically hides duplicates photos to keep a best shot. There’s also a new add-on to try your print library. Navigating your library feels some-more liquid with autoplaying video vignettes. There’s a new add-on bar so that we can see highlights from a past years, months and days.

Siri gets smarter

Apple is adding some-more voice facilities opposite a board. For instance, when we accept a summary and you’re wearing AirPods, we can hear a summary we only perceived and reply.

If we wish to watch a video or listen to song together, we can share audio with someone else who has an iPhone and a span of AirPods. we don’t consider it means that you’ll be means to tide song to dual pairs of AirPods — we still need dual iOS inclination (update: nope, we can span dual pairs of AirPods with one iOS device).

On a HomePod front, we can daub your phone on your HomePod to send audio to your HomePod. The intelligent orator is also removing support for live radio stations — I can’t trust it wasn’t already available. You’ll finally be means to set adult mixed users for a HomePod to control your possess calendar, messages, song and get personalized results.

CarPlay is also receiving an refurbish with improved Siri features. You can now control third-party apps, such as Pandora or Waze, with Siri. And a Siri animation doesn’t fill adult a whole shade anymore.

On iOS 13, a Shortcuts app will be commissioned by default. You’ll get recommendations for shortcuts that could assistance you. And Siri should sound improved altogether with new voice-generating software.

There are copiousness of other new facilities in iOS 13, generally on a iPad. If we wish to review some-more about iPadOS, review our apart post.