Volkswagen is apropos a initial manufacturer to use 3D copy for array prolongation parts

One Volkswagen automobile is made from 6,000 to 8,000 opposite parts. Virtually nothing of them are 3D printed – this routine is indifferent to specialized collection and prototypes. The law is that 3D copy is costly and time immoderate and, therefore, not suitable for mass production. But not anymore – Volkswagen became a initial automotive manufacturer to use a “HP Metal Jet” – 3D copy record suitable for mass production.

Custom rigging knobs is one thing that Volkswagen is looking to offer a clients. Image credit: Volkswagen

3D copy is a really useful prototyping technology. It has some intensity in mass manufacturing, since it allows avoiding regulating so many tools. Each partial needs a possess tooling, either it is stamped, casted or fabricated. 3D copy is simply too delayed for a high-production sourroundings like Volkswagen plants. However, HP Metal Jet changes everything, since it enables a prolongation of a vast series of collection regulating 3D copy for a initial time. It creates it probable to make some collection in vast quantities but creation a lot of tooling.

Of course, even yet Volkswagen is looking into a mass prolongation of certain collection regulating 3D printers, they are still some-more applicable in prolongation singular parts, that opens adult a lot of personalization opportunities. For example, Volkswagen could start charity tradition pivotal fobs – all of a designs could be printed in vast batches, notwithstanding any section being different. A association called GKN Powder Metallurgy is concerned in a project, that tells us it is about powdered metals being sintered. This allows skipping costly machining processes along a way. HP Metal Jet simply lays out collection covering by covering pouring powder and a binder. The member afterwards has to be sintered – baked underneath vigour to compound a powder into a firm structure.

Even yet for now Volkswagen is meditative about tradition rigging knobs, tailgate lettering, keys and things like that, it mayo usually take adult to 2-3 years for this record to be good adequate to make constructional parts. Dr Martin Goede, Head of Technology Planning and Development, Volkswagen, said: “Our idea is to confederate printed constructional collection into a subsequent era of vehicles as fast as possible. In a prolonged term, we design a continual boost in section numbers, partial sizes and technical mandate – right adult to soccer-size collection of over 100,000 units per year”.

3D printed cars are still not unsentimental or necessary. In fact, we are not even watchful for them. However, a discerning 3D copy record could concede for many engaging customization options, that are always great, since they concede buyers to make vehicles into truly their own.


Source: Volkswagen


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