Tesla has non-stop an Amazon store to widespread the swag distant and wide

Tesla has had a sprightly merch business for years now, interjection to a romantic owners bottom and fans, who are eager supporters of a association and a CEO Elon Musk.

But until now, those Tesla-branded equipment — all from H2O bottles and hats to jackets, chargers and once a surfboard — have been sole by a automaker’s possess website.

Tesla has now stretched it merch ambitions and opened a store on Amazon. (A reader sloping off TechCrunch to a store; however, a story was initial reported by Electrek). Tesla reliable a store non-stop progressing this week. Update: The site is now down.

It should be remarkable that, for now, a store on Amazon isn’t as strong as a one on Tesla’s website. However, there are during slightest dual equipment that can usually be found on a Amazon page: an iPhone 8+ box and a Tesla iPhone  X folio case. No prices are listed for a equipment and they’re now “unavailable.”


Tesla Amazon store

In fact, each object on a store is “unavailable.”

It’s not transparent when these equipment will be behind in batch or because they aren’t accessible now. Did a association sell out already? Has it simply unsuccessful to make a equipment available? So many questions.

Tesla merchandise, generally specialty items, do tend to sell out quickly. For instance, a Tesla branded surfboard labelled during $1,500 sole out in a day. However, a mini die-cast Tesla models sole on a Amazon store seem to be in batch over during Tesla’s website. We’ll refurbish a story when a poser is solved.