Apple’s battery cases lapse for a iPhone XS and XR

There’s no necessity of iPhone cases out there, of course. But for those who positively contingency have Apple’s stamp on their accessories, a association only forsaken a integrate of official charging cases for a latest turn of handsets — a XS,  XS Max and XR.

The cases, initial spotted by MacRumors, say a identical pattern denunciation as their predecessor, imprinting a lapse for a initial time given a iPhone 7. The informed battery strike is back, though it now encompasses a whole of a rear, that should make holding it a small reduction ungainly — and during a really slightest is a bit improved looking.

This time out, a silicone covers are accessible in black and white and will work with Qi chargers but carrying to lift a box off. 

The new intelligent charging cases are labelled during $129, regardless of model, and should supplement between 33 (for a XS) and 39 (for a XR) hours of additional speak time. As Apple notes, there are some noted advantages with going first-party on this one, including intelligent battery status, that is displayed in a presentation core and on a phone’s close screen.