‘World’s initial Bluetooth hair straighteners’ can be simply hacked

Here’s a thing that should have never been a thing: Bluetooth-connected hair straighteners.

Glamoriser, a U.K. organisation that bills itself as a builder of a “world’s initial Bluetooth hair straighteners,” allows users to couple a device to an app, that lets a owners set certain feverishness and character settings. The app can also be used to remotely switch off a straighteners within Bluetooth range.

Big problem, though. These straighteners can be hacked.

Security researchers during Pen Test Partners bought a span and tested them out. They found that it was easy to send antagonistic Bluetooth commands within operation to remotely control an owner’s straighteners.

The researchers demonstrated that they could send one of several commands over Bluetooth, such as a top and reduce heat extent of a device — 122°F and 455°F respectively — as good as a shut-down time. Because a straighteners have no authentication, an assailant can remotely change and overrule a heat of a straighteners and how prolonged they stay on — adult to a extent of 20 minutes.

“As there is no pairing or fastening determined over [Bluetooth] when joining a phone, anyone in operation with a app can take control of a straighteners,” pronounced Stuart Kennedy in his blog post, common initial with TechCrunch.

There is a caveat, pronounced Kennedy. The straighteners usually concede one point connection. If a owners hasn’t connected their phone or they go out of range, usually afterwards can an assailant aim a device.

Here during TechCrunch we’re all for environment things on glow “for journalism,” though in this box a numbers pronounce for themselves. If, per a researchers’ findings, a straighteners could be overridden to a limit heat of 455°F during a timeout of 20 minutes, that’s environment adult a primary condition for a glow — or during really slightest bake damage.

It’s estimated that as many as 650,000 residence fires in a U.K. are caused by hair straighteners and curling manacles left on. In some cases it can take some-more than a half-hour for these exhilarated inclination to cold down to protected levels. U.K. glow and rescue services have called on owners to physically lift a block on their inclination to forestall fires and damage.

Glamoriser did not respond to a ask for criticism before to publication. The app hasn’t been updated given Jun 2018, suggesting a repair has nonetheless to be put in place.

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