What (we think) we know about a Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 will be suggested during an eventuality in San Francisco on Feb 20. This most we know for sure. Samsung sent out invites for a eventuality sporting a hulk series a few weeks back. It’s transparent a company’s looking to get out forward of what should be a sincerely action-packed Mobile World Congress this year. 

We know, too, that a eventuality will be arise for a association to speak up a stirring foldable. Samsung told adult as most during a final developer discussion — and for good measure, a entice also sported a vast double down a middle. The S10, however, will roughly positively be a genuine star of a show.

And in customary Samsung fashion, a new flagship has been leaking out like crazy given late final year. By now, it seems, we’ve seen handset from each fathomable angle. So here’s what we know — or, what we consider we know, during least.

For starters, Samsung is skipping a nick altogether, jumping loyal from spare tip bezel to pinhole cutout — what a association called a “Infinity O” display. It’s some-more or reduction a same as a one found on a recently suggested Galaxy A9 Pro. The S10+, meanwhile, will underline an form chronicle of hole punch, clearly in sequence to embody a second front-facing camera.

Interestingly, there are believed to be three S10 models set to be announced on a 20th. You’ve got your customary S10 (6.1-inch), a S10 Plus (6.4-inch) and a bill chronicle (5.8-inch), that will be something same to Samsung’s take on a iPhone XR. Among other things, a product might be abandoned of a winding screens that have turn a buttress for a Galaxy line.

With Samsung’s Note woes good in a rearview mirror, a association is reportedly amping adult to once again boost a battery life, with a S10 sporting a 3,100mAh and a Plus carrying a whopping 4,100mAh. Huge if true.

Less startling is a inclusion of a Snapdragon 855 — that’s going to energy most each non-iPhone flagship this year. Ditto for Android Pie. 5G is most reduction certain, however. While it’s loyal that Samsung has already announced that not one though dual handset will arrive from a association sporting a next-gen mobile tech, we can’t contend for certain either a S10 will be among them.

That said, rumors about a Galaxy S10 X sporting a tech aren’t out of a genuine of possibility. That seems some-more expected than Samsung shoehorning it into a bottom model. After all, 5G won’t be attack a superfluity indicate this year. That could move a series of S10 models adult to four. 

Similarly, rumors around a headphone jack are all over a place. The latest images, however, seem to endorse that Samsung’s staying put on that one, resolutely remaining one of a final flagships to competition a once entire port.