I’m digging this absurd $19 folding laptop stand

Ask me in a integrate of months what we consider about a Moft. Right now, I’m indeed digging it. Granted, we didn’t have quite high hopes for a $19 (for Kickstarter early-birds) fiberglass and mistake leather jigger we slap on a bottom of a laptop, yet I’m into it.

The “invisible” mount is flattering stupid on a face of it. It ships flat, we take it out, lift off a protecting paper and hang it on a bottom of your laptop toward a rear. The association says it works with laptops adult to 15.6 inches. we can usually pronounce for a 15-inch MacBook Pro — yet there, during least, it works like a charm.

The thing operates like your customary laptop/tablet origami case. It folds adult flush with a system, and when we lift it out, we can adjust it to column adult a laptop from a integrate of opposite angles. Simplicity is a best and misfortune thing about a Moft.

I found myself wanting some kind of captivating fasten to keep it in place when not in use. As it is, a thing kind of flaps around a bit. My MacBook goes in and out of my trek several times a day. After a few months of that kind of use, it’s easy to suppose ripping a thing to shreds. The cost is right, yet — during $19 for Kickstarter backers and $24 during retail, using yet a integrate of these a year won’t mangle a bank.

Also, maybe it’s my possess unlawful placement, yet there’s a bit of a stagger when we type. That’s addressed flattering simply by resting my palms of a laptop — something we tend to do when typing anyway.

All in all, a flattering plain — and crafty — further to a arsenal. we like typing during an angle, so this should assistance with speed and comfort. There are a few qualms here, as is to be approaching with any first-gen crowdfunded project, yet a Moft’s not a bad small buy for a price.