Daily Crunch: Well Facebook, we did it again

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1. Facebook is a new crapware 

Well Facebook, we did it again. Fresh off a latest remoteness scandal, a uneasy amicable media hulk has inked a understanding with Android to pre-install a app on an undisclosed series of phones and make a program permanent. This means we won’t be means to undo Facebook from those phones. Thanks, Facebook.

2. The world’s initial foldable phone is real 

Chinese association Royole has beaten Samsung to a marketplace and has been display off a foldable phone/tablet this week during CES. While it’s not a many liquid experience, a device really works during bettering to your needs.

3. CES revokes endowment from female-founded sex tech company
Outcries of a double-standard are pouring out of CES after a Consumer Tech Association revoked an endowment from a association geared toward women’s passionate health.

4. Everything Google announced during CES 2019 

Google went all in on a Assistant this year during CES. The association boasted that a voice-enabled AI will make a approach onto a billion inclination by a finish of a month — adult from 400 million final year. But what’s many sparkling is a stretched capabilities of Google’s Assistant. Soon you’ll be means to check into flights and interpret conversations on a fly with a elementary “Hey Google.”

5. Rebranding WeWork won’t work 

The association before famous as WeWork has rebranded to a We Company, though a new plan has a intensity to thrust a association serve into debt.

6. Despite promises to stop, US dungeon carriers are still offered your real-time phone plcae data

Last year a little-known association called LocationSmart came underneath glow after leaking plcae information from ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint users to untrustworthy customers. LocationSmart fast buckled underneath open inspection and betrothed to stop offered user data, though few focused on another large actor in a plcae tracking business: Zumigo.

7. The best and misfortune of CES 2019 

From beast displays to VR in cars, we’re violation down a good, a bad and a nauseous from CES 2019.