Daily Crunch: We preview new Apple handling systems

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1. iPadOS preview

Brian Heater checks out a new, split chronicle of iOS with tablet-specific facilities like a richer Home Screen, support for multitasking within a singular app and giving iPad users some-more control over their files.

In addition, we’ve got initial impressions on macOS Catalina (with new ways for Apple to offer adult content) and iOS 13 (with a beautiful Dark Mode).

2. Hackers are hidden years of call annals from hacked dungeon networks

According to researchers, a hackers have evenly damaged in to some-more than 10 dungeon networks around a universe over a past 7 years to obtain large amounts of call annals — including times and dates of calls, and their cell-based locations — on during slightest 20 individuals.

3. SpaceX annals another initial for reusable rocketry by throwing Falcon Heavy fairing with a boat

The scheme saw a SpaceX-owned boat called Ms. Tree fraudulent with a hulk net. It afterwards navigated to a indicate off a Florida seashore to wait a descending nosecone from a Falcon Heavy launch.

4. SoftBank-backed Getaround acquires Norwegian automobile let startup for $12M

Nabobil, that initial launched in 2015, has 180,000 purebred users and reached 130,000 bookings in May. For now, a startup will keep a name, and a full group will sojourn in place in Oslo, Norway.

5. Live like a pirate nobleman for a night with Airbnb Luxe

The cost varies from $600 to $1 million per night, and what we get ranges from castles in France to award-winning homes in New Zealand and South Africa.

6. Monzo, a UK challenger bank, raises £113M Series F led by YC’s Continuity account during a £2B post-money valuation

Monzo’s new appropriation turn should be noticed within a context of not usually quick expansion and increasingly convincing product-market fit in a U.K., though also recently denounced skeleton to launch opposite a pond.

7. Apple says Spotify farfetched how most ‘App Store tax’ it pays

Specifically, an Apple filing says that Spotify usually pays a 15% “app tax” (revenue share) on only 0.5% of a 100 million reward subscribers.