Acer’s ConceptD 9 is partial laptop, partial graphics tablet

When it comes to competing for a hearts and minds of creatives pros, some (see: Huawei) try to kick Apple during a possess game. Others go an wholly opposite route. Acer’s ConceptD 9 falls resolutely in a latter camp.

More so than a rest of a line announced during an eventuality currently in Brooklyn, a 9 lives adult to a “concept” partial of a product name, with a singular swiveling inscription arrangement that works as a arrange of easel with Wacom coop support.

With large hybrid inclination carrying flooded a marketplace in new years, a ConceptD 9 is among a some-more unique, eschewing a kind of Surface form cause many of these companies go in for.

Nabbing marketplace share from Apple is a tough ask when it comes to a company’s core of artistic pros, though recent pattern decisions have left a association some-more vulnerable. Acer’s never been a initial name one thinks of in a category, though a product offers some of a same drawing/3D pattern functionality Microsoft has featured in a most incomparable Surface Studio all-in-one.

The hybrid launches in June, sporting a large $4,999 cost tag. It’s a novel proceed to a category, though a association might have already labelled itself out of contention.