Zume buys wrapping company, with eyes on plant-based cosmetic alternative

Zume Inc. (they of the robotic pizza) has acquired Southern California-based Pivot, engineer of plant-based wrapping material. Along with a deal, Zume will be opening a 70,000-square-foot production plant in a area.

Zume records that it has indeed been in a food wrapping attention in one form or other given 2016, when it introduced a compostable pizza box done from a fibers of rejected sugarine cane. This merger finds a association expanding a charity into additional containers, including bowls, plates cups, trays and cutlery.

The startup has set a lofty idea of replacing one billion cosmetic and styrofoam containers by subsequent year. It’s an excellent aim — food make-up rubbish is certainly out of control, and is expected to usually get worse before it gets better.

“Food smoothness is upending a food complement as we know it, and we trust that a absolute consumer direct signals it generates can be a force formulating a some-more tolerable world,” Zume CEO Alex Garden pronounced in a recover tied to a news. Food wrapping is a outrageous partial of this equation since it not usually provides vicious expenditure information though it also provides useful information from a plantation where a materials are sourced to a final disposal.”

The new production plant is a initial of several in a U.S. in a works from a company.