Tesla says solar roof is on the third iteration, now installing in 8 states

Tesla is now installing a solar roof product in 8 states, according to Elon Musk, vocalization during a Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting on Tuesday. The solar roof-tile plan has had a comparatively prolonged birth given being unveiled 3 years ago, in 2016.

In 2017, a association claimed a first-ever installations of a Tesla solar roof, after opening adult orders for a product in a second entertain of that year. Musk remarkable during a company’s Q2 2017 gain call that both himself and Tesla CTO JB Straubel had a tiles commissioned and handling on their homes.

The association also announced final year that it had entered into a partnership with Home Depot to sell a solar panels, along with a PowerWall home battery, though that was about a normal panels specifically, not a new tile product. The tiles are designed to demeanour like high-quality home tiles people use currently, with integrated solar panels that are not simply identified from belligerent level, in sequence to yield a some-more aesthetically appreciative solution.

In further to carrying installations run in 8 states, Musk pronounced a solar roof product is now on chronicle three, and that this chronicle is really sparkling to him since it offers a possibility of being during cost relation with an homogeneous entry-level inexpensive normal tile, when we embody a cost of utilities you’d be saving by generating your possess energy instead.

Regarding timelines for wider rollout of a solar roof products during a costs he anticipates, his possess difference substantially contend it best: “I’m infrequently a small confident about time frames — it’s time we knew,” he joked during a meeting.