Our 9 favorite startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 2

Heathcare kiosks, a home-cooked food marketplace, and a approach for startups to acquire seductiveness on their appropriation surfaced a list of high-potential companies from Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Demo Day 2. 88 startups launched on theatre during a lauded accelerator, yet some of a best skipped a theatre as they’d already lifted tons of money.

Be certain to check out a write-ups of all 85 startups from day 1 plus a tip picks, as good as a full set from day 2. But now, after seeking investors and consultation with a TechCrunch team, here are a 9 favorites from day 2.


Two months ago, California upheld a initial law in a nation legalizing a sale of home baked food. Shef creates a marketplace where home chefs can find circuitously customers. Shef’s dishes cost around $6.50 compared to $20 per dish for normal food delivery, and a startup takes a 22 percent cut of any transaction. It’s been flourishing 50 percent week over week thanks to deals with vast skill government companies that offer a marketplace as a perk to their residents. Shef wants to be a Airbnb of home baked food.

Why we picked Shef: Deregulation creates bullion rush opportunities and Shef was discerning to seize this one, removing started usually days after a law passed. Food smoothness is a large megatrend though high costs make it unaffordable or a oppulance for many. If a primogenitor is already cooking dishes for their whole family, it takes minimal bid to furnish a few additional portions to sell to a neighbors during permitted rates.


This startup automates a collection routine of delinquent construction invoices. Construction companies are mostly forced to compensate for their possess jobs when business are late on payments. According to Handle, there are $104 billion in delinquent construction invoices any year. Handle launched 6 weeks ago and is now collecting $22,800 in monthly revenue. The founders formerly launched an Andreessen Horowitz-backed association called Tenfold.

Why we picked Handle: Construction competence seem like an unsexy vertical, though it’s large and abundant with inefficiencies this startup tackles. Handle helps contractors direct payments, now record liens that safeguard they’re compensated for work or materials, or sell delinquent invoices for cash. Even medium fees could supplement adult fast given how most income moves by a industry. And there are certainly delegate business models to try regulating all a information Handle collects on a construction market.

Blueberry Medical

This pediatric telemedicine association provides medical caring now to families. Blueberry provides consistent contact, a ability to speak to a pediatrician 24/7 and at-home contrast kits for a sum of $15 per month. They’ve usually finished a paid consumer commander and contend they were means to solve 84 percent of issues though in-person care. They’ve partnered with word providers to revoke ER visits.

Why we picked Blueberry: Questionable puncture room visits are a calamity for parents, a outrageous source of nonessential costs, and a empty on resources for needy patients. Parents already spend so most time and income perplexing to keep their kids protected that this is a no-brainer subscription. And a obligatory and romantic lift of pediatrics is a intelligent crowd into telemedicine for all demographics.

rct studio

Led by a group of YC alums behind Raven, an AI startup acquired by Baidu in 2017, rct studio is a artistic studio for immersive and interactive film. The height provides a genuine time “text to describe “engine (so a content “A male sits on a sofa” would beget 3D imagery of a male sitting on a sofa) that supports mainstream 3D engines like Unity and Unreal, as good as a artistic apparatus for film professionals to qualification immersive and open-ended party practice called Morpheus Engine.

Why we picked rct studio: Netflix’s Bandersnatch was usually a start of mainstream interactive film. With clever technology, an innovative application, and proven talent, rct could turn a vicious apparatus for formulating this kind of media. And even if a tech falls brief of producing discriminating media, it could be used for storyboards and mockups.


Provides “Apple level” book services to startups. Startups are lifting a lot of income with no approach to conduct it, says Interprime. They wish to assistance these businesses by handling these large investments by assisting them acquire seductiveness on their appropriation while maintaining liquidity. They take a .25 percent advisory cost for all a investment they oversee. So far, they have $10 million in investment collateral they are servicing.

Why we picked Interprime: The blast of early theatre startup appropriation evidenced by Y Combinator itself has combined new banking opportunities. Silicon Valley Bank is developed for foe and Interprime’s concentration on startups could clear new financial services. With Interprime’s YC affiliation, it has entrance to tons of intensity customers.



Nabis is rebellious a cannabis shipping and logistics business, operative with suppliers to boat out products to retailers reliably. It’s bootleg for FedEx to boat weed so Nabis has swooped in and is assisting boat and bond while holding cuts of a proceeds, a cost a suppliers are peaceful to compensate due to their 98 percent on-time shipping record.

Why we picked Nabis: Quirky law creates potency gaps in a pot business where incumbents can’t attend given they’re not authorised to hoop a flower. As some-more states legalize and cannabis finds a approach into some-more products, relocating products from plantation to processor to tradesman could parent a large marketplace for Nabis with a authorised moat. It’s already operative with many tip pot brands, and could sell them additional services around business comprehension and distribution.


This startup measures continue repairs for word companies. WeatherCheck has cumulative $4.7 million in annual bookings in a 5 months given it launched to assistance word carriers revoke their altogether claims expense. To use a service, insurers upload information about their properties. WeatherCheck afterwards monitors a continue and sends notifications to word companies, if, for example, a skill has been shop-worn by hail.

Why we picked WeatherCheck: Extreme continue is usually removing worse due to meridian change. With 10.7 million US properties impacted by accost repairs in 2017, WeatherCheck has found a intelligent initial marketplace from that to expand. It’s easy to suppose a startup operative on flood, earthquake, tornado, and wildfire claims too. Insurance is a extreme market, and old-school providers could get a leg adult with WeatherCheck’s tech.



Upsolve wants to assistance low-income people record for failure some-more easily. The non-profit use gets mention fees from indicating non low-income families to failure lawyers and is means to offer a use for free. The association says that medical bills, layoffs and rapacious loans can leave low-income families in apocalyptic situations and that in a final 6 months, their non-profit has alleviated business from $24 million in debt.

Why we picked Upsolve: Financial hardship is rampant. With a intensity for another retrogression and automation melancholy jobs, many families could be during risk for bankruptcy. But a routine is so stigmatized that some people equivocate it during all costs. Upsolve could democratize entrance to this financial plan while inserting itself into a remunerative transaction type.

Pulse Active Stations Network

This startup creates health kiosks for India, meant to be commissioned in sight stations. Co-founder Joginder Tanikella says that there are 600,000 preventable deaths in India as many in a segment don’t get unchanging alloy checkups. “But everybody takes trains,” he says. Their in-station kiosk measures 21 health parameters. The association done $28,000 in income final month. Charging $1 per test, Tanikella says any appurtenance pays for itself within 3 months. In a future, a kiosks will concede them to sell word and impute users to doctors.

Why we picked Pulse: Telemedicine can’t do everything, though copiousness of people around a universe can’t make it in to a bone-fide doctor’s office. Pulse creates a mid-point where hardware sensors can magnitude physique fat, blood pressure, pulse, and bone strength to urge correctness for diagnosing diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiac problems, and more. Pulse’s messenger app could hint additional income streams, and there’s clearly a most bigger marketplace for this than usually India.

Honorable Mentions

-Allo, a marketplace where relatives can sell babysitting and errand-running

-Shiok, a lab-grown shrimp substitute

-WithFriends, a subscription height for tiny sell businesses

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