Lightfoot gets $4M to poke some-more drivers to go well-spoken with a ‘Fitbit for cars’

U.K. automobile tech startup Lightfoot, that sells a telematics complement that gives real-time feedback to drivers total with a rewards height to serve incentivize good driving, has picked adult £3.2 million (~$4M) from London-based early-stage try fund BGF.

Former Dyson CEO Martin McCourt also contributed to a investment, and will join Lightfoot’s house as a non-executive chairman.

The startup has formerly perceived extend appropriation from government-backed Innovate UK and after an innovate loan. But this looks to be their initial tranche of VC. And a orator reliable it’s being treated as a Series A. A orator has now told us it is indeed a Series C.

Lightfoot’s telematics device, that it bills as a arrange of “Fitbit for cars,” plugs into a vehicle’s onboard mechanism and rests on a dashboard — where a motorist can simply see a visible cues it provides as they expostulate (using a trade light color-coded feedback system).

The thought is to offer a some-more reciprocal choice to normal “blackbox” telematics systems, that only record pushing information and don’t give a motorist an event to urge their driving.

Smoother pushing is related to reduced fuel consumption, reduce emissions and a reduce risk of accidents. So there are copiousness of reasons because swift owners — Lightfoot’s initial aim for a tech — competence wish to inspire it.

On a motorist side Lightfoot combines real-time feedback with a rewards height that offers particular incentives, such as reduce word premiums and deals-related discounts on things like restaurants, holidays, days divided and retail.

It uses a gamification proceed here, with a supposed “Elite Driver” standing being indispensable to transparent rewards. A pushing measure of 85 percent is compulsory to strech that status. Lightfoot says 80 percent of a users strike a symbol and are means to sojourn there, while 97 percent grasp Elite Driver standing “at some point.”

The association was launched in 2013 by businessman Mark Roberts, and now has some-more than 20,000 drivers regulating a tech opposite some-more than 150 swift clients — including Virgin Media, Dixons Carphone, Southern Water, Ecotricity, Greencore and Dyno Rod.

It’s opening adult to particular motorists with a U.K. consumer launch today, and skeleton to enhance a tender globally being slated as “already underway.”

It says a new investment will be used to feed these expansion plans, including ramping adult employing opposite a business.

Commenting in a statement, Ned Dorbin, BGF financier and new Lightfoot house member, said: “Lightfoot is a vibrant, intelligent and desirous business with a first-class government team. After 5 years of operation, they have determined a clever repute in a marketplace and grown a transparent plan for growth.”

“We’re on a goal to change a approach people consider about driving. And to make it fun again,” added Lightfoot’s owner and CEO, Mark Roberts, in another ancillary statement. “We wish everybody to suffer a extraordinary advantages that smoother pushing can have on their wallets and the planet.

“So far, we’ve combined a village of Lightfoot drivers who are earning improved deals for improved pushing – now, we’re vehement to grow this with some-more like-minded motorists who trust good pushing deserves rewarding.”