Sennheiser debuts a initial wireless gaming headset, a GSP 670

During Computex final week, Sennheiser gave media a hide look during a initial wireless gaming headset, a GSP 670, slated to boat starting during a commencement of subsequent month.

The GSP 670 retails for €349 (about $393), significantly pricier than other renouned wireless gaming headsets (as good as a connected predecessor, a Sennheiser GSP 600, labelled during $249.95). Sennheiser is anticipating a features, as good as a company’s repute for glorious sound peculiarity and gentle headsets, will remonstrate gamers to take a plunge. (When we attempted on a span during Computex, it delivered on wearability, tie speeds and audio quality, though of march it is tough to tell how headsets will feel and sound after hours of gaming, contra a few mins of testing.)

Despite a leisure afforded by wireless, many gamers hang with connected headsets to equivocate reductions in sound peculiarity and tie speeds or carrying to worry about battery levels, issues that Sennheiser addresses with a GSP 670’s features. Like other wireless headsets, a GSP 670 needs to be connected to a wireless dongle. Each one comes with a GSA 70 compress USB dongle with exclusive record that Sennheiser grown to safeguard a low-latency tie it promises transmits sounds with “near-zero delay.” The USB is concordant with PCs and a Sony PlayStation 4. The GSP 670 also has Bluetooth, so users can span it with their smartphones and tablets, as well.

The GSP 670’s microphone is noise-cancelling and can be pale by lifting a bang arm. The headset has dual volume wheels to concede users to control discuss audio and diversion audio separately. Gamers can also adjust a audio on a GSP 670 with Sennheiser’s Gaming Suite for Windows, a program apparatus that lets users switch between audio presets or customize sound levels, and also includes approximate sound modes and an equalizer.

In terms of battery, Sennheiser claims a GSP 670’s quick-charging battery can run for dual hours after a seven-minute charge. When entirely charged, it says a battery can final for adult to 20 hours on Bluetooth and 16 hours when connected around a GSA 70 dongle. The headset has involuntary shutdown to save power.

The GSP 670 is now accessible for pre-order on Sennheiser’s website and will boat commencement on Jul 1.