Oculus Quest and Rift S now shipping

Facebook -owned Oculus is shipping a latest VR headgear from today. Pre-orders for a PC-free Oculus Quest and a aloft finish Oculus Rift S non-stop adult three weeks ago.

In a launch blog, Oculus touts a new hardware’s “all-in-one, entirely immersive 6DOF VR” — writing: “We’re bringing a sorcery of participation to some-more people than ever before — and we’re doing it with a leisure of entirely untethered movement.”

For a reduction polished perspective on what it’s like to hang a face-computer on your head, we can check out a reviews by clicking on a links below…

Oculus Quest

Review: Oculus Quest could be a Nintendo Switch of VR

TC: “The headset might not be a many powerful, though it is doubtlessly a new flagship VR product from Facebook”

Oculus Rift S

Review: Facebook’s Oculus Rift S is hardly an upgrade

TC: “It still doesn’t feel like a correct ascent to a flagship headset that’s already 3 years old, though it is a some-more fine-tuned complement that feels some-more developed and dependable”

The Oculus blog contains no fact on pre-order sales for a headsets — over a few fine-sounding words.

Meanwhile, Facebook has, for months, been using local ads for Oculus around a eponymous and ubiquitous amicable network — nonetheless there’s no pithy discuss of a Oculus code unless we click by to “learn more.”

Instead, it’s pulling a general idea of “all-in-one VR,” timorous a Oculus code stamp on a headset to an illegible micro-scribble.

Here’s one of Facebook’s ads that targeted me in Europe, behind in March, for e.g.:

For those wanting to extract of Facebook-flavored face gaming (and/or immersive film watching), a Oculus Quest and Rift S are accessible to buy around and sell partners including Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Walmart and GameStop in a U.S.; Currys PC World, FNAC, MediaMarkt and some-more in a EU and U.K.; and Amazon in Japan.

Just remember to keep your mouth shut.