Nintendo announces a handheld Nintendo Switch Lite for $199

Nintendo has denounced a new Nintendo Switch called a Nintendo Switch Lite. As a name suggests, this console is a bit cheaper than a strange Nintendo Switch, though it comes with a few drawbacks.

The biggest disproportion between a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Light is that we can’t bond a Switch Light to a TV. There’s no wharf or pier designed for TV connection.

That’s not a usually concede you’ll have to make, as a Joy-Con controllers aren’t detachable. You can’t put your Switch on a list and keep a controllers in your hands for instance.

Of course, we can buy Joy-Con controllers or a some-more normal Nintendo Switch Pro controller separately. You’ll have to find a approach to assign your Joy-Con controllers but a Switch — a Charging Grip could do a pursuit for instance.

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But other than that, you’ll be means to play a accurate same games that you’ve been personification on a Switch. As prolonged as games support handheld mode, they will work on a Switch Lite — scarcely 100% of games work in handheld mode.

The Switch Lite is somewhat smaller and somewhat lighter than a Switch — 0.61 lbs contra 0.88 lbs (277 g contra 399 g). It facilities a 5.5-inch touchscreen instead of a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

If we were wondering what would come after a 3DS, it sounds like a Switch Lite is a ideal deputy for a inexpensive handheld console. And a good news is that we should get improved battery life. Nintendo says we will be means to play for 3 to 7 hours. In their testings, they could play Zelda: Breath of a Wild for 4 hours.

Nintendo will recover a Nintendo Switch Lite on Sep 20. The device will be accessible in mixed colors — yellow, gray and turquoise.

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