Here’s how Google Stadia performs depending on your internet connection

Google is introducing some-more about a launch of a Stadia streaming gaming use today, and VP Phil Harrison gave us opening specifics currently so we can see accurately how a association thinks a use will perform formed on what kind of internet tie we have. It tops out during an stir 4K resolution, with HDR color, 60fps support rate and 5.1 approximate sound, yet you’ll have to have during slightest a 35 Mbps tie to get that turn of quality.

Meanwhile, during 20 Mbps you’ll get full HD 1080p output, while maintaining HDR video, 60fps and 5.1 surround. And Google has optimized for fibre of tide by maintaining 60 fps all a approach down to a endorsed smallest bandwidth tie peculiarity of 10 Mbps (and even potentially next that formed on this chart). You’ll usually get 720p streams during that level, however, and stereo instead of approximate sound.

“With Stadia, the idea is to make gaming some-more permitted for everyone,” is how Harrison framed it, and that relates to a operation of tie support as good as a device availability. At launch you’ll be means to play stadia games on your TV (via Chromecast Ultra), desktop, laptop, and inscription (via browsers) and on smartphones, yet usually Pixel phones to start with starting with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a (via dedicated Stadia app).