AT&T cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold orders

ATT has cancelled early orders for a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Tom’s Guide initial reported a cancellation, observant that ATT pronounced a Galaxy Fold would be accessible again to sequence as shortly as Samsung announces a new launch date. ATT is charity $100 in credit to those whose orders it has cancelled.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was creatively scheduled to launch on Apr 26. However, early reviews indicated there were issues with a phone, that Samsung primarily pronounced was a error of reviewers. The association eventually motionless to postpone a launch and get behind to a sketch board.

Earlier this week, a Samsung repute told Cnet that it would announce timing on a scarcely $2,000 phone “in a entrance weeks.”

However, ATT’s pierce here suggests that it might be a while before a Galaxy Fold resurfaces, if during all.

Samsung itself asked business who pre-ordered to endorse that they still wish a device following a examination period. On May 24, Best Buy cancelled all pre-orders of a phone.