The Pixel 3’s best new features

Google denounced a number of new products Tuesday during a big hardware event, including a Google Home Hub and Google Pixel Slate. But a Pixel 3, a company’s new smartphone was a genuine star.

The Pixel 3, that is accessible in twin sizes and starts during $799, comes in 3 colors and has a back 12.2 megapixel camera as good as a twin front camera. What’s inside a phone is a horde of new apps and features. The device is accessible for preorder currently and will start shipping Oct 18.

Here’s a relapse of some of best new and updated facilities in a Pixel 3.

Call screen

The call shade choice enables Google Assistant to answer an incoming call for you. The user only taps a call shade symbol and a phone will answer a call and ask who is job and why.

The review is afterwards transcribed in genuine time on a shade vouchsafing we confirm either to answer or send a content in response.

Call shade launched Tuesday with a Pixel 3 and will hurl out to other Pixel inclination in November.

Google call screen


The Pixel 3 comes with a new confidence chip that Google calls Titan M. The custom-built chip helps secure passwords and a handling complement of a phone.


Front-forward speakers during 40% louder and richer than in a prior Pixel smartphone.

YouTube Music

The new Pixel 3 ships with a YouTube Music streaming app and a giveaway six-month subscription.

Google Lens

Google Lens is radically an AI-enabled camera. The smartphone camera captures an picture and a AI algorithm identifies it for you. The “style search” in Lens identifies a product in an picture helps we find that product online.

Google Lens also identifies landmarks, plants and animals, and will supplement events to your calendar. Point a camera on a takeout menu and it will prominence a series to call.

Google Lens

Group selfie cam

Pixel 3 comes with twin front cameras for selfies that need a wider view. Users only double daub energy symbol to open a camera and crack their wrist twice to activate selfie mode. From here, users wizz out to get to a organisation selfie.

Top shot

This print underline captures swap shots in HDR and and afterwards recommends a best one. For instance, a user competence try to take a print of their child floating out candles on a birthday cake. In a past, a missed shot was a missed shot. Top shot captures a moments before or after we strike a shiver to take a print and then automatically recommends a best one.

And if we wish that other shot, we can collect that one too.

Google Pixel 3 Top Shot


The stadium underline adds reactive characters (like a dog or a dancing stereo) and adds captions and charcterised stickers to your photos and videos. Users can make their photos “come to life” with Playmoji, a characters that conflict to any other and to you.

Some of a options are characters like Iron Man from a Marvel Cinematic Universe. Google is operative on a partnership with Donald Glover to move Childish Gambino to stadium after this year as well.

Google Playground Childish Gambino

Photo counter mode

Yup, another camera feature. This underline will automatically take photos when we make a humorous face or smile.

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