Tesla’s in-car touchscreens are removing YouTube support

Tesla has consistently been adding program to a in-car touchscreen infotainment displays – including infrequently things that substantially leave a lot of people scratching their heads. During a special QA currently during annual gaming eventuality E3 in LA, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested that Tesla’s in-car arrangement will support YouTube someday soon.

This isn’t a initial time that a Tesla CEO has suggested YouTube competence one day have a home in a company’s cars: In response to a fan’s doubt on Twitter final Aug he remarkable that ‘version 10’ of a company’s in-car program would yield support for third-party video streaming. The association debuted a ‘Software Version 9.0’ final year.

Musk privately pronounced YouTube would be entrance to cars during a E3 eventuality today, during that he revealed that Bethesda’s Fallout 3 would be entrance to a infotainment displays, and denounced a demo video of Android diversion Beach Buggy Racer using on a arrangement in a Tesla Model 3.

On a new podcast, a Tesla CEO also pronounced that a association would cruise opening a height some-more broadly to third-party developers for both apps and games. The association has finished a lot on a possess to supplement program ‘Easter Eggs’ to a lurch display, though branch it into a loyal height is a most some-more desirous vision.

On a face, adding attention-heavy apps like streaming video services to a automobile really seems counterintuitive, though to be satisfactory to Tesla, a vast series of drivers currently use their phones for in-car navigation and those can also all technically arrangement YouTube during any time. It does seem like a box of Musk’s mind racing forward to a day when his cars are entirely autonomous, something he recently reiterated he expects to happen within a subsequent integrate of years.