Millions of Android users duped into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

Another day, another collection of bad apps in Google Play.

Researchers during confidence organisation Trend Micro have detected dozens of apps, including renouned utilities and games, to offer a ton of deceptively displayed ads — including full-screen ads, dark ads and ads using in a credentials to fist as many income out of gullible Android users.

In all, a researchers found 85 apps pulling adware, totaling during slightest 9 million influenced users.

One app — a concept TV remote app for Android — had some-more than 5 million users alone, notwithstanding a unreasonable of disastrous reviews and complaints that ads were “hidden in a background.” Other users said there were “so many ads, [they] can’t even use it.”

The researchers tested any app and found that many common a same or identical code, and mostly a apps were likewise named. At any turn, daub or click, a app would arrangement an ad, they found. In doing so, a app generates income for a app maker.

Some of a bad adware-ridden apps found by confidence researchers. (Image: Trend Micro)

Adware-fueled apps competence not seem as bad as other apps packaged with malware or dark functionality, such as apps that lift antagonistic payloads from another server after a app is installed. At scale, that can volume to thousands of fake ad dollars any week. Some ads also have a bent to be malicious, containing dark formula that tries to pretence users into installing malware on their phones or computers.

Some of a influenced apps include: A/C Air Conditioner Remote, Police Chase Extreme City 3D Game, Easy Universal TV Remote, Garage Door Remote Control, Prado Parking City 3D Game and more. (You can find a full list of apps here.)

Google told TechCrunch that it had private a apps, though a orator did not criticism further.

We attempted reaching out to a concept TV remote app creator though a purebred email on a since-removed Google Play store app points to a domain that no longer exists.

Despite Google’s best efforts in scanning apps before they’re supposed into Google Play, antagonistic apps are one of a biggest and many common threats to Android users. Google pulled some-more than 700,000 antagonistic apps from Google Play in a past year alone, and has attempted to urge a back-end to forestall antagonistic apps from removing into a store in a initial place.

Yet a hunt and mobile hulk continues to conflict rogue and antagonistic apps, pulling during slightest 13 antagonistic apps in a brush in Nov alone.

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