Google Assistant comes to Waze navigation app

Ever given Google acquired Waze behind in 2013, facilities from any have been solemnly creation their approach behind and onward between it and Google Maps – and currently Waze gets a large ascent with Google Assistant integration, that means we can use a intelligent voice messenger within a app.

Google Assistant in Waze will yield entrance to your common Assistant features, like playback of song and podcasts, though it’ll also offer entrance to many Waze-specific abilities, including vouchsafing we seeking it to news trade conditions, or naming that we wish to equivocate tolls when routing to your destination.

Google has finished a good pursuit of rolling out support for Assistant in a possess Android Auto in-car software, and even brought it to Google Maps on Apple’s competing CarPlay complement progressing this year. The advantages of carrying Assistant work natively within Waze are many, though a series one competence be a intensity to revoke distractions while on a road.

Waze stays a tip choice among drivers, and anecdotally many Uber and Lyft drivers we confront still swear by a leverage over a competition, including Google’s other own-branded Maps solution.

Google Assistant will be accessible around a roll-out starting currently in a U.S., in English usually to start and on Android smartphones. Expect that accessibility to enhance over time.