China’s fast-rising Bullet Messenger strike with copyright complaint

Bullet Messenger, a fast-rising Chinese messaging pretender that’s gunning to take on internal behemoth, WeChat, has been pulled from a iOS App Store overdue to what a owners cot as a copyright complaint.

Reuters reported a expansion earlier, observant Bullet’s owner, Beijing-based Kuairu Technology, claimed in a amicable media posting that a app had been taken down from Apple’s app store because of a censure associated to picture calm supposing by a partner.

“We are verifying a conditions with a partner and will surprise we as shortly as probable when download capabilities are resumed,” it pronounced in a matter on a central Weibo account.

The association did not mention that partial of a app has been theme to a complaint.

We’ve reached out to Apple to ask if it can yield any some-more details.

According to checks by Reuters progressing today, a Bullet Messenger app was still accessible on China’s tip Android app stores — including stores owned by WeChat owners Tencent, as good as Baidu and Xiaomi stores — that a news group suggests creates it reduction expected a app has been pulled from iOS as a outcome of censorship by a state, observant apps targeted by regulators generally disappear from internal app stores too.

Bullet Messenger usually launched in Aug though quick racked up four million users in only over a week, and also snagged $22M in funding.

By Sep it had claimed seven million users, and Chinese smartphone builder Smartisan — an financier in Bullet — pronounced it designed to spend 1 billion yuan (~$146M) over a subsequent 6 months in a bid to strech 100M users. Though in a conflict with a rival Goliath like WeChat (1BN+ active users) that would still be a relations minnow.

The pretender follower has grabbed courtesy with a quick growth, apparently attracting users around a comparatively minimal messaging interface and a underline that enables speech-to-text transcription calm in genuine time.

Albeit a app has also lifted eyebrows for allowing pornographic content to be upheld around.

It’s probable that component of a app held a courtesy of Chinese authorities that have been enormous down on Internet porn in new years — even including non-visual calm (such as ASMR) that internal regulators have also judged to be obscene.

Although it’s equally probable Apple itself is responding to a porn censure about Bullet’s iOS app.

Earlier this year a Telegram messaging app fell tainted of a App Store manners and was temporarily pulled, as a outcome of what a owner described as “inappropriate content”.

Apple’s developer discipline for iOS apps embody a territory on reserve that proscribes “upsetting or descent content” — including sullen on: “Apps with user-generated calm or services that finish adult being used essentially for racy content.”

In Telegram’s case, a App Store expulsion was shortly resolved.

There’s zero now to advise that Bullet’s app won’t also shortly be restored.