V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker Can Be Customised Using 3D Printing (video)

V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker

The Remix Bluetooth speaker is now available to purchase the $300 and can be customised using 3D printing technology, which V-Moda says make it the “worlds first full-service 3D printed custom product”.

Watch the video below to learn more about the different customisations that are available for the Bluetooth speaker, which is now available to purchase directly from the V-Moda website by following the link below.

V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker

World’s First Portable Bluetooth Speaker with a Built-In Headphone Amplifier. World’s First Full-Surface 3D Printed Custom Product. REMIX is the culmination of three years of RD involving dozens of engineers and over 50 prototypes. The result is portable Hi-Fi world-class sound that projects precise, vibrant and lifelike sound at all listening levels.

• Glass Fiber Dual-Driver – Accurate sound, with sweet, clearly defined midrange, vivacious highs and impossibly low distortion at every volume
• Passive Bass Reflector – Hear and feel the precise vibrant bass of your music, without bloated boom or muddy mids
• Immersive 3D Soundstage – Full-bodied for a ‘live performance’ experience
• Instrument Engineer Verified – Hear the sound of drum kits, samples and acoustic instruments the way the instrument engineers and original artists intended

Source: V-Moda

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