LinPods Sports Strap For Apple AirPods (video)

LinPods Sports Strap For Apple AirPods

DECEC has created a sports accessory for the new Apple AirPods which provides a wealth of additional features including the ability to record sports and health data.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the LinPod Apple AirPods accessory which is taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the C$10,000 the development team need to take their concept into production.

LinPod is available in three different versions:

– Basic version is designed to meet the basic ID target, simple and elegant.

– Middle version adds the Bluetooth alarm in case it will get lost. There is an App installed in your smart phones to control the LinPods. This App helps you to find your phone or Airpods/earphone by remote control alarm. When distance between your smart phone and LinPods is out of 20 meters or disconnection due to weak signal, both smart phone and LinPods will beep and alarm. Therefore, it alarms you for any lost. You can also track the lost position by using GPS for any urgent situations. Furthermore, you can control remote camera on LinPods to take beautiful senses.

– Ultimate version is updated to record your sports and health data. By downloading App and touching the display button, you can get current time, number of steps, heart rates, sleep situation and other multi-data. I is easy to read and convenient. Keep your health data at your finger all the time.


LinPods is a multifunctional smart shoulder girdle. LinPods is designed for AirPods, EarPods and all conventional earphones of smart phone. LinPods also can be used as AirPods anti-lost shoulder girdle and hang girdle for all earphones. LinPods has characteristics of high portbility and high reliability because it can be regarded as a bracelet, necklace and key-chain when your earphones are not in use.

For more information on the new LinPod jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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