Cosmo Wireless Helmet Brake Light (video)

Cosmo Wireless Helmet Brake Light

Cosmo is a new wirelessly connected brake light that can be attached to the rear of your motorcycle helmet to provide extra notification to those around you that you are breaking.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Cosmo connected rear brake light which is both detachable and comes complete with its own companion application for iOS and android platforms.
The innovative braking system for motorcycles is looking to raise €50,000 over the next 60 days on Kickstarter and is available to back with earlybird pledges starting from just €99.

The development team based in Paris explain more about the inspiration behind the Cosmo wirelessly connected breaking light.

The Cosmo Connected smart helmet accessory is the first wearable brake light connected to a mobile application. The Cosmo shines bright red when riders decelerate and allows riders to be more visible in all weather conditions. For the first time, a smartphone application grants motorcycles the same emergency roadside assistance as the eCall (Emergency Call) does for cars (i.e. “OnStar” in the USA). The App is designed to alert an emergency call center in the event of an accident signaled by the device, sending the rider’s GPS coordinates and medical information to the nearest rescue team.

The Cosmo is a rear brake light with a sleek design that shines bright red to indicate the deceleration of a motorcycle driver. Cosmo Connected aims at becoming the main ally of motorcycle riders by optimizing their personal safety thanks to an innovative and patented connected device. The Cosmo App ensures that rescue arrives at the scene in a timely manner in case of an accident.

When the device detects the driver’s fall, it warns the app thanks to the Bluetooth® connection and automatically alerts an emergency roadside assistance platform that will try to reach the driver. If he doesn’t not answer, the operator calls rescue within 3 minutes and sends first responders the GPS coordinates and medical profile of the driver. It also alerts designated friends and family by email or sms.

Source: Kickstarter

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