BiTool 2.0 Lit Universal Multi-Tool (video)

BiTool 2.0 Lit Universal Multi-Tool

CYCOP based in San Jose California have created a new version of their popular universal multitool the BiTool, releasing a new generation via Kickstarter to help raise the funds required to take the small multitool into production.

The mini toolkit is equipped with a wide variety of functions which can be seen demonstrated in the video below. Pledges are available from just $21 for earlybird backers with shipping expected to take place during October 2017.

The CYCOP BiTool 2.0 transcends in overcoming these frustrations and problems. Mini, Durable, Smart magnetic tool kit with LED flashlight makes your Everyday Carry gear Lighter, Cooler, Prompt to use.

• Think about getting rid of your messy workshop and taking the exact tool from a bunch of screwdrivers and wrenches inside of your toolbox.
• Think about saving from a costly price to hire a worker for home appliance repair.
• Think about during working at home. Wanting to tight loose screws with ease.
• Getting tired of screws slipping away from your hands and scatter all over the room? Annoyed at stepping on these screws accidentally without noticing them and do want a safer working environment?
• Being fed up with bringing your heavy toolbox everywhere and want a compact tool that includes most tools you would use.
• Want to have a good helper while assembling your furniture and make sure all parts are well-fixed all the time?
• If you have always brought a mini tool while cycling, think about adjusting screw on your bike under a blazing sunshine and always need a lot of turns until every screw is tightened.

The compact magnetic design makes it smarter than rest of the tools in the world. BiTool 2.0 Lit can be attached to almost everything. From your keys, jacket, daily bag to any kinds of traveling stuff. It will be suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity.

Specifications :

•  All In One, One For All
• Rapid, Smart, and Magnetic Mechanism
• Amazing Usability. Rigid Ratchet Driver
• Compact Flashlight Combines with Magnetic Base
• Easy to Carry with 10 Powerful Bits
• A Simple and Fun Gadget

Source: Kickstarter

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