How do bus companies deal with skiing holiday madness?

Many people love to go skiing. It is a nice winter sport that is relaxing and helps forget about daily struggles in work or studies. It is healthy and allows connecting to beautiful nature of mountains. But how do people go skiing? They can take a bus, but where do their skis go? MAN ProfiDrive gave some tips to travel companies, drivers and passengers about the storage of skis in the bus.

Skis and snowboards have to be fitted into small packages and stored in a special compartment at the back of the bus. Image credit:

The bus is actually a very convenient way to come to the skiing area, because it can take people directly to the town they want to go to. And on top of that they can take a significant amount of luggage with them, which is always handy, having in mind that these trips last several days or weeks. So now that the winter season has finally started and thousands of people are heading for the mountains, how do bus companies take all of the equipment passengers want to carry? Bus companies that are taking people to popular skiing locations have to be prepared.

Proper storage of skis, snowboards and other equipment is not only about comfort and protecting expensive things from breaking. It is also about safety of the passengers. Bus companies have to ensure that if the bus makes a sudden turn or brakes hard no one is injured by a flying ski. So what does MAN suggest? Simple special ski lockers, attached to the back of the bus. Bus companies have to obtain these specialized luggage compartments, but winter sport enthusiasts have to remember to pack their equipment properly too. It is better if skis and snowboards are packaged without any other equipment (such as shoes and helmets) inside of the same bag, so that the main long item would have a sleek, thin profile.

Ski boots, helmets, suitcases and travel bags then can be loaded in a conventional luggage compartment, usually located under the cabin. Rolf Lechner, trainer at MAN ProfiDrive, said: “the luggage space should be completely filled by the individual pieces of luggage, as any gaps, however small, can result in the luggage or the bus being damaged”. Other advices include not storing any heavy items in the overhead compartment as well as leaving the aisle free of any type of luggage.

MAN ProfiDrive is a qualified and professional training service for professional drivers. Specialists know everything about big vehicle safety and thus these advices should be remembered during your next skiing holiday trip.

Source: MAN