Ford will teach you how to use your brand new car

Modern cars can be so complicated. They are full of electronics and it is almost as trying out a new smartphone when you are trying to roll out with your new purchase from a showroom. In fact, this problem is so annoying that you will get a full lecture on how to use your car as soon as you buy it. Now Ford decided to offer something different – a home-schooling option.

Ford says that on-demand customer service is gaining popularity. Image credit: Ford

Of course, you could read the manual, watch some YouTube tutorials and scroll through the endless number of menus on the infotainment screen, but we want everything here and now. We want transition to a new car to be seamless and enjoyable. And so Don Sanderson Ford of Phoenix, Arizona, is enhancing its customer service capabilities by offering a comprehensive introduction to the car’s system at any time, convenient to the owner. The goal is to explain everything about the features at the time when the owner is most likely to listen.

The problem is that around 20 % of functions of a new car never get used. And it is a problem, because these features are important in one way or another. Driver and his passengers may be missing out on some comfort options, available at that car, or, even worse – some safety equipment settings. While learning everything in the dealership is certainly an option, buyers rarely pay attention at that point – they are in a hurry to enjoy their new vehicle. And so they come home not knowing what can be done in the infotainment system or settings of car’s dynamics.

The team of consultants will arrange meetings at customer’s home. They will answer all possible questions, will show how to use different features and will walk the new driver through all the systems. Knowing what does what, the owner of the car is more likely to use the features he paid for. While for Ford it is certainly not a problem that customers are ignoring a number of features, it doesn’t help justifying investment into making the car better to drive, more comfortable and safer. Max Sirstins, Sanderson’s marketing director, said: “If our customers are willing to drive to us to purchase a new Ford, we’ll drive to them to help them enjoy it more”.

Ford says the demand for these consultations is growing. And it is easy to understand why – it is part of the process. Getting to know your new car can be a lot of fun and enhance the ownership experience. And a specialist’s consultation and your time is very convenient.


Source: Ford


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